10 ideas for modular shelves: ideal for small homes!

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When you need to save on space but still find a solution for storage woes, then we have two words for you: modular shelving. Coming in all sorts of sizes, dimensions and shapes, modular shelving is much more than your average bookshelf or built-in units. They can reach industrial sizes, stretching across entire walls or be arranged in complex geometric patterns. 

Adaptable, durable and utilitarian, modular shelving is often the best choice for shelving. They can fit easily into awkward corners, be integrated into existing structures and around drawers, hanging rails, or other shelving units. But for something that is so versatile, sadly modular shelving is often overlooked, or commonly seen as basic and cheap. So to change that, we have 10 ideas for modular shelving that are attractive and practical and are fast becoming a favorite of interior decorators worldwide. 

1. Adding a fun burst of color to the kitchen.

As we mentioned before, modular shelving is great to fit in around other cabinets or shelves that are already there. This kitchen has vibrant orange and blue ones fitted around the more subdued wooden ones, making it more lively and fun. 

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2. Bold boxes with multiple options.

With this design you could easily turn the front wooden panels into hinged doors, turning this bold boxes into storage spaces. Or left simply as sealed boxes, they are stylish and striking shelves in themselves. 

3. Creating a feature wall with unusual shapes.

These dark brown wooden honeycomb boxes create quite the look when scattered across a whole wall. Some completely covered, some left open, this is not just any shelves, this is an artistic installation. 

4. Brightening up the white with lights.

You can easily create mini art pieces when you have long modular shelving like this. Thick and white, they are eye catching and made even more impressive with small lights installed underneath the top edge. 

5. Practical and vibrant bathroom storage.

If you are looking to add some more color to your bathroom, then this is a fast and easy way to do it. Turquoise, canary yellow and white modular shelves are hung on the next to this washbasin injecting color and personality into an otherwise standard corner. 

6. Arrange and align at will.

This low and long arrangement is perfect for large living rooms or apartments that have the furniture constantly rearranged. They can be pulled apart or added to in an instant, and are great if you still want to have a television or art work hanging above them.  

7. Fitting pieces of the puzzle together.

These wooden shelves come in all different sizes, meaning you are completely free to choose the arrangement you want, and to change it as often as you need. You will never get bored of these shelves!  

8. Cupboards to occupy corners.

In-built modular shelving like these are a great way to utilize awkward corners, and if you plan on painting them, you can afford to use cheaper wood to save on costs. Simple add doors to the front, and you have an easy way to hide unwanted mess and clutter.

9. Easy to get experimental with.

Modular shelving is also an easy way to try out unusual color combinations or to mix materials. If you don't like a certain surface, you can easily take it off and replace it. Or repaint a side if you get sick of it's color. 

10. Stacking shelves or building blocks?

Thanks to their robust nature and low price, these shelves are popular in workspaces and kids rooms. They can even double as toys and will keep the kids busy for hours coming up with new structures. Modular shelving is both a practical object for adults and an enjoyable object for the young!

What do you think of those honeycomb shelves? Should shelving be shaped or straight?

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