Home Trends 2016: What will be big next year

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Geometric (Victorian) Tiles Original Features Walls & flooringTiles
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With 2015 closing its circle in less than a month, it is time to examine the trends that will consume the homes of 2016. These new trends will assume a metal personality with a moody interior and symmetrical shapes, as well as making some effort to reconnect with nature. We will slowly abandon the traditions of long and relaxing baths and turn towards efficiency and sustainability. Upcycling and repurposing of all conceivable creations will also continue to gain popularity.

If you are a trend follower or even if you just feel that your home is in need of some updating then take a look of what is going to big in 2016. 

1. Geometric tiles

Geometric (Victorian) Tiles Original Features Walls & flooringTiles
Original Features

Geometric (Victorian) Tiles

Original Features

The tile fashion for 2016 will be of a geometric variety. The classy Victorian rhythm is back with elegance to bring some symmetry to your floors. This image is a classic example of how geometric lines carve the floor of a bathroom in grey hues to mingle smoothly with its white surrounding environment. 

You can add geometrical tiles practically everywhere in the house; bathroom, kitchen, living room or even balcony. If you want to go one step further and make a statement, you can incorporate the symmetrical lines on a corner going up the wall. By combining various geometrical tiles your design capabilities are practically limitless!

2. Bringing nature indoors

chocolate creative


chocolate creative

In the modern day cities, backyards have become somewhat of a luxury. With concrete walls severing the bond between man and nature, a little touch of luminous green is missing from homes. In 2016 though, nature will come to you. Plants inside the house have been constantly touted by scientists to improve air quality 

If you have little time for maintenance due to a busy schedule, terrariums might be the best solution. In lieu of the metallic trend (see below), brass vases can be filled with colourful flowers. Or you can opt for something like example here, with hanging pots colouring the wall a little bit greener. Besides green, your home can get in touch with nature with an aquarium. Those golden swimmers can become better friends than you could have imagined!

3. Metallic accessories

Designer polished wood kitchen with stunning elevated views of London Porcel-Thin Modern Kitchen

Designer polished wood kitchen with stunning elevated views of London


In 2016 homes will have a metallic touch. Anything and everything in the home will be getting shinier, from drawer handles, copper catch alls and candle jars, to furniture, such as bar stools, armchairs and TV stands. Even rugs can adopt a metallic vibe.

Whether a touch of decadent gold or demure bronze, metallic accessories will bring a chic aesthetic into your home with futuristic attitude. The pictured kitchen encompasses a lavish silver and nickel accent to ornament its metallic components in a contemporary setting.

4. Sustainability: upcycling & repurposing

By understanding what materials are considered useless, it's possible to upcycle and repurpose these into novel artefacts. 2016 is the year that sustainability will knock loudly on the door and perhaps it's time to let it in! As the old saying goes, one man's junk is another man's treasure: perhaps this is more relevant than ever. 

There is really no limit to the novel creations that are possible from upcycled or repurposed materials. You can make chandeliers out of empty wine bottles, transform old drawers into bulletin boards, create lamps from almost anything. Sustainability is a process that will save you money while renovating your home and give a hand to mother nature by re-using old resources. Even the metallic accessories in your home can be repurposed from old material.

5. Bye to the bathtub

Slowly people have come to grips with idea that bathtubs serve little purpose. Not only do they take up too much space but they are becoming slowly redundant, incapable of justifying their cost. 

2016 will see the further demise of the bath. Despite the attractive, retro look baths can add to a bathroom, showers are becoming the favoured choice due to their practicality and efficiency . This is partly due to the increasingly fast nature of modern life and the strive to become more resource efficient.

More some shower inspiration you might like to check out: Statement Shower Room Designs.

6. Deep and moody decor

Country House, Hampshire Helen Green Design Living room
Helen Green Design

Country House, Hampshire

Helen Green Design

The final décor trend for 2016 will answer to deep and moody. With winter spreading its chills, the warm and regal palettes of next year will abandon brightness for a little rich deepness. We love the moody personality of the living room here, with accents of caramel and brown offering a hint of heritage interiors.

Deep and moody can also be a homage to the future, assuming a darker undertone. If you are a fan of dystopian science fiction movies then you will love this new trend.  A kitchen can be shaded in deep grey and black hues or a bathroom can join the dark side with geometrical tiles.

In 2016, the new trends promise a warm and regal aesthetic, taking you on a voyage from the past to the future. Nature will blossom behind the four walls and junk will become your new treasured feature for the home.  It is really an exciting time for home décor!

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