Home: 12 ways to increase your home space

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Is your home on the smaller side of things? Or maybe you are looking for a quick fix to create that little bit of extra room on your property? There are countless ways that you can, and we have got 12 of them here to show you today. From building self standing garden houses to tacking on a tidy side wing to your existing house, you can easily have more space than what you currently have. 

And don't think that these additional spaces will feel cold or uninhabitable like a shipping container. Once completed and filled with furniture they will fast feel as cozy and comfortable as your house you are living in today. Let's begin taking a look at the options you have to increase your floor area at home. 

Home: 12 ways to increase your home space

1. Honey colored wood and little lights.

Designed by home builders GARDEN FORTRESS, this charming little add on certainly lives up to it's name. Built from honey colored wood and featuring lots of lights installed around the edges, it looks warm, cozy and inviting. 

2. An indoor room and an outdoor patio.

If you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate, and want to spend a lot of time outside, then this design could be for you. The wooden terrace is almost larger than the indoor space and with the right furniture on it, is the ideal space to while away the sunny hours. 

3. A cool color combination.

Garden houses, side wings and sleep outs don't have to be built purely from wood. Or rather, they don't have to be kept purely wooden. This extra room looks refreshing and cheerful with a bright blue and white color combination. 

4. Low ceilings and long windows.

Because of their compact size, sheds like this one built by IN AND OUT DESIGN can afford to get a bit more bold and experiment with unusual window shapes. 

5. A grand house on a small scale.

Painted in a light gray, with white window frames, topped off with a brown roof, and featuring a small deck this bungalow looks more like a stately family home. There's no rule saying your extra room has to be plain and boring!

6. Less is sometimes more.

Sitting pretty in the garden, this sleep out uses less to achieve more. With it's simple rectangular design and uncomplicated windows-as-doors, it is a versatile and practical space. The wooden decking makes it evens more user-friendly.  

7. Indoor/outdoor flow.

If your garden is a private one, then why not install plenty of windows like this one built by THE SWIFT ORGANISATION LTD? They not only make the most of sunny days, but also break down any boundary between indoors and outside. 

8. Making it classy and cohesive.

With it's darkly stained boards, dark shingles on the roof and white trimmed windows, this extra room is elegant and classy. If the style of your home is already exactly what you want, then make sure you match any new addition to it.  

9. Verticals and horizontals.

Again, designs don't have to be overly complicated to create an impression. This one designed by OFFICE IN MY GARDEN creates the look just by using wooden paneling in two different directions. And when the concertina doors are shut, it will look even more dramatic

10. Playing with light and dark.

This garden room is yet another example of how simple contrasts can make an exciting facade. But this time it's with color, not pattern. Together the light wood and dark trim turn this simple space into something timeless and stylish. 

11. Build up, not out.

The third in this set of garden spaces built in London firm OFFICE IN MY GARDEN shows just how important stairs are when creating a separate area. Even if you have a limited amount of space in your backyard, try elevating the area you will build on and see what a difference it makes. 

12. A home away from home.

This prefabricated building is so large, stylish and versatile it can work as many different types of spaces—imagine it as guest quarters, a private studio, an at-home gym, or even kitted out as a private spa and sauna. The possibilities are endless when it comes to building and using a bit of extra space at home, but no matter what, you will be glad you have it! 

Looking for more inspiration on how you can build a garden room yourself? Check out our guide here.

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