Home decor: the 10 most common flooring mistakes (to avoid)

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Getting your flooring right isn't always a walk in the park. From restoring old tiling in an apartment from the last century to choosing the right kind of hardwood for your new flooring, many people make the same kind of mistakes. And if you are a fan of DIY, you will have even more decisions to make and mistakes to avoid (if you are wanting to lay your own screed floor make sure you read this before you start). 

So to help you start the process of renovating or completing your new flooring, we have collected the 10 most commonly made mistakes that our readers have made. You can use their failed attempts to save you making a mess of your own home! So let's see where they went wrong. 

Home decor: the 10 most common flooring mistakes (to avoid)

Mistake 1: not allowing enough time for installation.

Most people don't realize it can actually take twice as long as they thought to completely finish installing new flooring. Generally speaking 4—5 days is enough for the work, but then another few days are needed on top on that before any furniture can be moved in. And don't forget during the whole process, the room can't have any foot traffic moving through it at all!

Mistake 2: going too trendy.

Yes it is good to try out new patterns, colors and trends, but with flooring it is better to keep things a bit more traditional. Because it covers so much of a house and has to last for many years, you want something that won't date quickly. The best bet is something darker, wooden and with a subtle grain pattern—like this classic flooring from JEOST ARQUITECTURA

Mistake 3: sticking to one pattern.

Sometimes you must make hard decisions with interior decorating. And if you are struggling to choose between two or more types of flooring, then we suggest combining a couple of them together. This floor has beige as the primary color, but subtly introduces a few other shades into the honeycomb design. 

This change in the flooring is also a great way of dividing up large rooms into smaller areas.   

Mistake 4: using exclusively new materials.

So you are renovating your floor? Don't automatically think you have to use new materials then. A great look that is gaining in popularity is reclaimed timbre. If you can source quality second hand wood, then go ahead and use it. The worn look suits a rustic style home and will make any room inviting and romantic

Mistake 5: not using contrasting colors.

Just because your walls are light or you brightly colored walls, doesn't mean that you can't go bold, or go dark with your flooring. When choosing the type and tone of your wood, think about the emotional reaction of the overall room (and how the wood looks in each room). 

This dark wooden flooring teamed with the rose pink walls looks sensational and really creates a statement. Go bold and go contrasting. 

Mistake 6: overlooking parquet flooring.

Parquet flooring often gets a bad rap, but it's come a long way since the tacky versions used in homes in the seventies. Arranged in geometric designs and with striking tones, parquet can look artistic and upscale when done right. This is the perfect material to use if you want to create a centerpiece on the ground—think starburst patterns or weave like designs. (Added bonus: no need for rugs!)

Mistake 7: staying on the straight and narrow.

Not all tiling has to be straight and boring. This floor looks incredible because of uniquely shaped tiles. So if you are faced with renovating an old apartment with a strange tile, then why not try to keep it? Or if you are shopping for new tiles, don't forget you can be experimental with the shape! Embrace curves, kinks and odd shapes—you won't regret it. 

Mistake 8: not matching the floor to the walls.

Usually we would not recommend using the same color tiles on the walls as you do on the flooring. But bathrooms are the exception. This fully tiled one by TILEFLAIR is a good example of how to make it work. Sea green tiles used with charcoal gray and white make this room look stylish and contemporary. 

It's best to choose only one decorative pattern and keep all others simple and plain colored. 

Mistake 9: choosing the wrong grouting.

When using large ceramic tiles like these grey ones, the color grouting you choose should not be an afterthought—it is crucial to the overall impact. You can choose from these three kinds:

Matching: complements the color of your tiling, drawing the focus away from the grouting, and onto the design of the individual tile (a good option if it is an pricey tile). 

Contrasting: this will draw attention to the overall layout of your flooring and is popular to use with geometric or patterned tiling. Remember a darker grout will always hide dirt more effectively!

Neutral: includes grays, beiges and browns and are the safe bet to use in bathrooms. This option will be a more classic look. 

Mistake 10: hiring the cheapest contractor.

The materials you use for your flooring are not something you want to skimp on, and neither is the labor you pay for to install it. This is especially true in kitchens where it's important to get the flooring under cabinets right. Here an expansion gap is necessary so the floor has room to expand in warmer months. 

So if you are looking to cut costs and hire the cheapest contractor, your floors will suffer. If you want a job well done, then make sure to consult our list of top quality floorers or tilers if you are installing in the bathroom.  

Do you have any mistakes of your own to share with our readers? Tell us more below!

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