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Home of the week: a low-cost home for the future

Nan Arquitectos Minimalist dining room
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The dwelling we are about to explore today on homify is a minimalist style house by Pontevedra based architects NAN ARQUITECTOS. Entrusted with the responsibility of fulfilling the client’s wish for a modern house, the architect team decided to stick to the concept of a low-cost home that would be beneficial in the long run. Simplicity in planning & execution was adhered to for construction as well as interior design, keeping it uncomplicated yet modern.

In keeping with the format agreed upon, the design was so created to open the house towards the south and keep the aspect discreet. The living spaces on the interior communicate with the exterior through expansive windows on the rear side of the house.

Smartly thought out blueprint allows for ample privacy for the residents on the main facade towards the street side, alongside offering sufficient views of the natural landscape towards the backside. Inside, it is modish charm in its no frills best. Curious? Have a look!

Home of the week: a low-cost home for the future

Glazed for rear-side grace.

The rear facade is entirely glazed, as opposed to the almost completely closed frontage – a really clever idea for the privacy & security of your home if one of the facades is street facing. The clear glass doors & windows let plenty of natural light to pour in and allow for wonderful views of the landscape on the backside. On the inside, living spaces communicate with each other with an easy flow of light between them. Look at the well lit interiors!

The street-smart front.

This photo depicts the minimalist front facade—the absence of openings like windows on this face, to let in natural light or allow views from outside, guards the privacy of the residents. The spacious entrance bears a garage and offers a visually appealing functionality.

Integrated practical elegance.

Preferring integrated spaces over walls is the ideal solution particularly for homes low on dimensions – it makes the house appear bigger. As in this case, erection of walls to delineate spaces would have made the spaces dark & inconvenient to freely move around in. The integration of dining space, lounge & kitchen makes the room seem larger than its size. Integration of the spaces has made it far easier to furnish the spaces; the modern accents of minimalist decoration bear simple lines and offer a great deal of visual relaxation as well. The fashionable glossy black 2- tiered round table, the dining set, the white kitchen cabinets, the discoid lamp and the stylish lounger towards the other side adorn the integrated living room space beautifully.

Open to compact perfection.

Accommodating the kitchen, a small closet space & the bathroom next to it, the limited space of the open plan layout has been employed for multiple functions. The color white lends homogeneity & continuity between the different spaces, making it look like a single unit; not to forget, the exquisite grace offered by white color is unparalleled.

Cozy repose.

Bedroom is our private sanctum where we seek relaxation & intimacy.  In this house the bedroom is semi partitioned, adjacent to the integrated living room area.  The wall, however, does not extend to the ceiling, and bears a comfortable fireplace which works as a neutral element heating both sides- bedroom & living room. The interior is well lit and the large glass windows offer soothing views of the lush landscape. You could also unwind with a hot cup of tea and your favorite reads, soaking in the natural goodness just outside the bedroom.

This abode exemplifies that the perfect home can be astonishingly simple yet offer contemporary comforts.  Don’t you agree?

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