5 kitchen renovations to get your creative juices flowing!

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When it comes to creating a modern and fresh kitchen, the design process can take a long time, especially if the existing installation is particularly uninspiring, which all of these before shots are! Grubby, outdated kitchens don't naturally lend themselves to modern inspiration, but that's why we place so much value on the skills of of professional kitchen planners! We know that we wouldn't have been able to update the projects we are going to show you today to anywhere near the standards that they were! If you are looking for some serious design inspiration, come with us now as we look at some of the most staggering kitchen transformations that we have ever seen!

1. Before: blue is the theme!

Accent colors are a valuable design asset but we don't know when blue was ever such a popular choice for kitchens! This space is dirty, badly laid out and the colored handles really don't add anything worthwhile here. In fact, they just highlight a terrible design process!

1. After: country chic.

now this is a scheme that won't ever date or look anything other than beautiful! Cream shaker-style cabinets, polished handles and natural wood countertops look wonderful here and make the room look and feel bigger, classier and far more chic. We love the open shelves in place of top cupboards too!

2. Before: busy and disastrous.

Well, this looks to be the kitchen that the 70s forgot! The lacquered veneer cabinets are a total style washout and just look at how cluttered and basically, unusable the room is! The mismatches lampshades and awful curtains aren't doing anything to help either!

2. After: fit for purpose.

What a difference! By adding an extra dogleg, the counter space has been increased exponentially and the rich wooden cabinets are a beautiful addition. By contrasting the wood with a slimline black worktop, the look is modern and cool and we love the extra attention to detail in terms of storage. Just look at that built-in wine rack!

3. Before: this can't be a kitchen!

What can we even say about this room? Net curtains, makeshift cupboards and naff dining furniture are all compounding the absolute lack of demonstrable style here. We can see some original parquet flooring, which is always beautiful, but that is totally overshadowed by all the rank furniture!

3. After: light, bright and beautiful!

What a relief to see that the floor has been restored! It acts as the perfect focal point for this newly modernized and charming kitchen! A wooden worktop mirrors the floor perfectly and with simple, clean and fresh white cabinets and dining furniture in place, the whole vine is so different. What a big difference white paint can make as well!

4. Before: brown and down.

Brown. What a tricky color to use in a home and this kitchen has shown just what a disaster it can be! With varying shades of the color on every surface, the overall look is old fashioned, dark and drab. Can we also just ask; when were motif tiles ever a good idea in a kitchen?

4. After: white out!

Yes! Now this is a kitchen that cries out to be used and enjoyed, isn't it? By totally blanket decorating with white, the room has grown before our eyes and the contrast of the worktop really stands out and looks contemporary. All the lighting in here is playing such a vital role in the fresh feeling too! 

5. Before: broken and in disarray.

Tragic. That's the only word we can think of to use here, as the cabinets are all in various states of disrepair and in such a weird layout too! That false dividing wall is nothing short of bizarre and has split what could have been a large and open area into two lackluster spots. 

5. After: big and beautiful!

Well, what a difference taking out the weird wall has made here! Now one open kitchen and dining spot, this generous space is as fresh and modern as any kitchen we have ever seen and we love it! Adding some better lighting, modern appliances and colorful mosaic wall tiles has made for such a dramatic overhaul that we think we need to see this from another angle, to fully appreciate it!

5. After: long and lovely.

Standing in the dining area, you can now see what a vast room this is! The gloss white floor was stroke of genius as it reflects all the natural and artificial light, keeping the whole area looking so polished and bright! The little breakfast bar is a beautiful touch too, as it offers easy casual dining when there are less people to cook for. Wow!

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Which of these transformations shocked you the most?

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