Making a gym at home on the cheap

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If you've burst into 2017 with a 'new year, new me' attitude, then well done you! If the thought of joining and using a public gym fills you with horror, however, there might be a brilliant alternative that will see you realizing your fitness goals, without ever suffering the embarrassment of stepping foot in a fitness center! We're talking about installing a home gym! Yes, you read that right and when we show you how easy it can be, you'll start to really give it some thought! Don't think that you will have to sacrifice a stylish room for your fitness fanaticism though, as home gyms can be beautiful too, as these interior designer-led spaces will prove! Want to fight the flab and keep your home super stylish? Then come with us!

Part yourself off a chunk of space!

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KAPOW! That's the sound of you being slam-dunked by a genius idea! If you have an open-plan room, why not section a small part off, with something as unobtrusive as an open-backed bookcase, and add some simple machines to the other side? We suggest adding a wall mirror, so you can see what you're doing and if you want to hide your fitness area away, what about adding some screens?

Convert a spare room.

If you have a spare room that simply isn't doing anything other than gathering dust and acting as a junk room, it's time to clear it out and reclaim it, in the interests of your good health! Pop a cheap television in there, so you'll be entertained as you work out and then keep an eye on secondhand and auction sites to pick up some super cheap fitness machines and tools!

Don't give up any room.

For the ultimate in easy and cheap home gyms, you don't need to do anything, other than clear out a storage cupboard! Have a space that you can clear when you want to jump on your cross-trainer or exercise bike, drag them out of the cupboard and get going! By not having a room set up all the time, there is less pressure on you and your home won't feel cramped. Don't forget to buy secondhand machines to keep the endeavor cheap though!

Motivate yourself!

This home gym has us running to the DIY store to create our own! We LOVE the motivational wall decal, that will have cost just a few dollars, but it has transformed a spare room into a really professional-looking space! The handy dumbbell storage is brilliant and a wooden floor offers a smooth surface for floor exercising too!

A quiet zone.

If your idea of exercise extends as far as Yoga and Pilates and no further, you are so fortunate, as you don't need to spend money on expensive machines to enjoy your practice at home! Simply clear a spare room and make it your very own yoga retreat by adding curtains and bright white walls. So simple!

Going professional.

If you have serious fitness goals and a decent-ish budget to spend, this is the option for you! A totally custom exercise studio is the only way to go when you know you will use it every day and stay committed for a long time, so why not think about building a garden room? Add a television and some decent machines and you won't have to spend another penny for years! You could even save some cash by using a bicycle, with a turbo trainer, as your exercise bike. 

Get out into the garden.

If you have a large garden, we actually really love the idea of building a specialist space for some spiritual practice! Dance, Yoga and Pilates all require a deep connection to your environment, so what better way to ensure that than by building a cost-effective wooden garden room? Once it's built, you only have to worry about a few cushions and mats! Perfect!

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