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Rendered by the eco-design experts at Мастерская Grynevich Dmitriy in Kiev, the RBN House is a unique and very futuristic affair which makes use of wood in different shades for a stunning impact. Owing to its creative exterior, the residence stands out from its neighbors and also enjoys a glorious garden. The interiors are trendy, featuring sleek designs and warm tones. Wood has been lavishly used on the inside, wood for the furniture as well as decorative accents. Read on to know more.

An impressive structure.

Light-colored wood and black metal have come together to create a slatted addition to the main house in white. This structure ensures both shade and style and has been used to brighten up the balcony as well. Glass windows make a trendy statement, while the sharp lines and angles of the building inspire awe.

Gorgeous greenery.

The landscaped and beautifully maintained garden around the house features lush grass, neat wooden walkways and pebbled beds for shrubs. It livens up the house, while a dark wooden boundary wall secures the perimeter of the property.

Love for openness.

The wooden deck right outside the glass doors on the ground floor and the large balcony on the first floor clearly indicate the owner’s love for nature and openness. These spaces are ideal for admiring the garden, breathing in fresh air and unwinding after a hard day.

Protected entrance.

A sleek and slatted structure in wood and metal offers protection to the entrance from the sun. Red and black window frames add color to the white exterior walls, while the post box is shaped like a house for a quaint touch.

Stylish living space.

The bright blue sofa and beanbag jazz up the spacious living area rendered mostly in creamy white and gray. The rug, a potted plant, and a tripod lamp add pizzazz to the space. Natural light floods this area during the day through sheer curtains, while an open plan layout helps in merging the different common areas.

Warm wooden touches.

The customized wooden decorative panel above the modern fireplace catches the eye with its warmth and earthiness. Another wooden panel holds the TV, while wooden steps lead you to upstairs. It is indeed a very cozy setting.

Unique elements.

We love the transparent acrylic chairs in the dining space, which is right in front of the open kitchen. They lend to the feeling of openness. The space under the staircase has also been brilliantly utilized to accommodate neat shelves for storing books, artifacts and odds and ends.  

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