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A stunning wood and white attic loft

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Small homes come in all shapes and sizes and they all get creative with how to make the most of the limited space. Even some larger homes features spaces that at first glance look too small to use but with a bit of creative thinking they can become a gorgeous space for anything you may want to use it for.

Today we will take a look at a beautiful attic in Berlin, that has been transformed into an incredible loft. This space features a number of windows that look out onto the marvelous city and also allow plenty of sunlight to flood the space. This loft is perfect for a spacious guest room or even just as an extra addition to the family home. This magnificent wood and white space is both stunning and is the perfect addition to the home.

White and spacious.

This incredible attic loft was once a cramped and unfinished space. The interior architects over at Brandt + Simon Architekten decided to transform it into a stunning space that is both practical and nice to look at. The color combination of white and wood was decided upon as it is both a classic color combo and doesn't need much to make it stylish. This lofted space has very slanted ceilings so the addition of other accessories would make it feel too cramped, this makes the white and wood color combo perfect for a minimalist style that still feels cozy. Beautiful skylights and windows in the space allow plenty of light to flood the space and make it feel even more open and spacious.

Beautiful interior architecture.

The interior architecture of this space is stunning. With very slanted ceilings, the designers decided to add a few geometric structural pieces to give the space even more character. The beautiful floor to ceiling windows look out onto the beautiful city of Berlin and also lead to a spacious wrap around balcony. This makes the space feel even bigger because it opens up and provides for space for people. It is especially important for those who like to host parties. The small circular window above the door is just another one of the quirky elements that the designers have included in the attic redesign.

Angles are prevalent.

This attic space if filled with angles and architecture. They make the space feel more lively without the need to clutter it up with accessories. This angled structural beam is the main focus of this attic space and is also the entrance to the stairs which leads to the other levels of the home. Just behind the staircase we can see another space with a very slanted ceiling that would be perfect for a reading nook or small office. The doors in this space lead to separate spaces such as the bathroom and a bedroom, leaving the open space that we see all for a spacious living area. 

Staying on trend.

Part of this space featured exposed brick which is a very stylish addition to any space. But if the bricks were kept as is, they would make the space feel much darker and smaller than it is. By painting over the bricks in the same white as the walls, everything is kept very uniform as well as bright, like the rest of the loft. The painted over exposed brick is also very trendy right now and will look cool for years to come.

An open living area.

The majority of this attic loft is a very open living area which can include a small kitchenette and living space. The sunlight from the windows and skylights provide an abundance of light for the loft which is great for working and relaxing during the day. The rich hardwood floors contrast very nicely with the bright white walls and make the space feel cozy, even with nothing in it. The designers have done an incredible job with taking an unused attic space and making it into a spacious and livable area that people would love to spend time in. This attic loft is perfect to host parties or to use as a comfy living area with gorgeous sunlight streaming through.

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