Home of the week: a stone house with an exquisite interior!

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When it comes to creating a home that is organic, tactile and almost hypnotically engaging, using natural materials is definitely the way to go and we're going to prove that to you today by showing you a mesmerizing home that is built and filled, from top to bottom, with fabulous organic materials! The architect in charge of creating this masterpiece had such a great handle on how to make a home stand out and draw onlookers in and the end result is a modern home that feels as though it has been transplanted from the stone age! We know that Fred Flintstone doesn't actually live here, but come and take a look and we think you'll agree that this house really rocks!

Home of the week: a stone house with an exquisite interior!

Subtle and secretive.

When we pan back and show you the full facade of this amazing home, you'll see just how discreet and delicate this entrance is and in contrast to the chunky, almost monolithic use of natural stone, you'll see why it is such a genius move! The size of those stone blocks are gargantuan!

No shrinking violet.

The mix of contemporary white box design and stone just works SO well here, don't you agree? It almost feels as though a relic of a house has been unearthed by archaeologists and a talented architect has come along and added a new home on top of it! With all the glass as well, this is such a complex facade!

Textural delight.

We love the mix of smooth render and chunky, rugged stone here! You want to reach out and touch it all and it certainly gets you thinking about what the interior must look like as well! You can see the nest little recess that houses the entrance here, which perfectly mirrors the window installations.

Feature walls.

This section doesn't have any of the smooth render that the main body of the house does and the result is a staggeringly simple and beautiful one-story garage that naturally seats itself into the surroundings. Wow! The way the sunlight hits the stone really makes the whole home glisten and sparkle!

Matching elements.

What a clever touch this large garage door is! It would have been so easy to plump for any roller door that would fit, but by selecting a wooden variety that matches the front door perfectly, the levels of cohesion in this build are amazing! The wood really adds a natural warmth to all the stone blocks too!

Interior finesse.

Of course, the interior of this home is exactly as beautiful as the facade would lead you to assume it would be. With stone tile floor, bright white walls and lashings of wooden accents, the feel inside is as organic and natural as the outside!

Perfect finishes.

Here is a close-up of the beautiful wooden strip room divides that permeate the home and just look at how perfectly they are lit with high-level illumination that plays on the warmth of the wood! Wow!

No cut corners!

As we look around this home, one thing becomes clear; that second best was never an option! Just look at this kitchen, with sleek white cabinets, warm wooden worktop and a glorious section of the facade stone creeping in too.

Gorgeous architecture.

Naturally, two-story homes need a staircase, but so many seem to falter at this stage and opt for something that doesn't necessarily support the wider theme of the home. That's resolutely not the case here, as the open-tread wooden stairs, complete with glass safety rail, look perfect!

Looking down.

It's really something to stumble upon a home that offers spectacular views from every floor, angle and spot, but that's what we have here! Standing at the top of the stairs, you can see just how well the tiled floor melts away into nothing to offer the perfect neutral base for the dramatic and deliciously dark staircase!

Simplicity where it counts.

This home feels like a complex build that was designed to create a seemingly simplistic end result, but it's not fooling us! This master bedroom looks modest and light, but with a stunning en suite bathroom in place too, there is a definite focus on luxury too!

Innovative touches.

Why have bedside table lamps, when you can simply rig your headboard to be back lit? We REALLY love this idea that helps to create an unfussy and uncluttered space and just look at how the simple lighting really amplifies the gorgeous natural wood floor!

A touch of luxury.

Hello marble wall tiles! Adding a new material to the palette of this house, the marble really helps to add a certain opulence that only an en suite deserves! What a spot for enjoying some 'me time'!

Modern features.

Just when you thought this house couldn't surprise you anymore, along comes another bathroom, this time with staggeringly modern suite items. It just goes to show that using traditional or even rustic materials doesn't mean that you have to skimp on those luxe touches that makes a house really stand out!

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