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A minimalist home to learn from

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Andrea Stortoni Architetto Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
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Marrying a modern aesthetic with some key vintage furniture pieces, while still creating a cohesive and unique interior design scheme might sound like a minefield, but today, we're showing you an apartment that has managed it with surprising ease! We can only assume that the interior designer in charge of this project has a deep understanding of how modern, clean lines can work with funky accent pieces, because as you'll soon see, it feels so natural and has a flow that is impossible to fake! Come with us now as we show you a home that is hard to box into one category and why not see if you fancy trying something similar in your property?

Calm and collected.

This is the perfect picture to demonstrate just how cool and crisp the entire apartment is and, how surprisingly sociable it must be. What other reason could there be for having a dining table that can seat 12? Super pale wood and white looks to be the main palette of color and materials, which never looks anything other than beautiful!

Funky touches.

You might have been thinking that every piece of furniture in this apartment would be modern or even a little Scandinavian in style, but in actual fact, this shabby chic, upcycled cabinet adds in a retro and interesting touch! We are so intrigued by this house, as there is another dining table in the living room here and look at the industrial lights!

Neat and ordered.

There is such a sense of order to this apartment and we love how it stops just on the precipice of becoming a little too starchy and sterile. There is a place for everything and everything is very much in its place, leading to a sweet yet minimalist look that still has a cozy vibe. It's almost like an art studio!

Amazing details.

the devil is in the details, as they say and in this apartment that is certainly true, as the walls appear to float and create a beautiful contrast with the smooth black floor. These extra touches, that can go unnoticed, are what sets apart a nice apartment from a spectacular one and we're noticing them all!

Light and functional.

In a super pared back home, the last thing you need is an excessive kitchen ruining the minimalist aesthetic and here, that is definitely not the case! Sticking rigidly to the pale wood, white and black color scheme, this is a functional, pretty and light drenched space that supports the wider design and we love it. That huge window is helping no end!

A secret passageway.

Hidden behind a stealthy sliding door that disappears into the wall, this dark and mysterious corridor denotes the transition from sociable communal areas to the private spaces, such as bathrooms and bedrooms. It's all so fun and adds a new dimension to the apartment as a whole. We need to explore now!

Blissed-out bathroom.

We can't put our finger on how this bathroom feels so calm, simple and yet luxurious! Perhaps it's the marble shower tiles or the rich black floor that looks a little more dramatic in here, but either way, this feels like a space designed for some indulgent 'me time'.

Simply sweet dreams.

We love a gorgeous and minimalist bedroom, but add in a wall-mounted television, an integrated fireplace and a rustic wooden headboard and all of a sudden, you have a small space that feels hugely stylish. We don't think you'd be able to have anything other than a heavenly slumber in here!

En suite practicality.

The amazing bedroom wouldn't be complete with a small but stunning en suite and this one doesn't disappoint! We love how even in here, natural wood and neutral tones are taking center stage and create a cool, pretty space that must be a joy to use every day.

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