Bedrooms: 6 designs for double beds

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We all know that your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, so are you making as much of it as you can? You can add all the fancy bed linen that you like, but if the bed itself isn't anything special or luxurious, you're simply masking a bigger issue. Interior designers will tell you that a statement master bed is key to creating a really unique and eye-catching bedroom, so we thought it would be a good idea to show you some of the more adventurous styles out there, in case they inspire you to rethink your own furniture! Don't forget to treat yourself to a high quality mattress too, as that way, your eyes and back will thank you equally!

1. Ultimate luxury.

This high bed, filled with extra pillows, cushions and more throws than you can shake a stick at makes luxury lie-ins a guaranteed thing! We love that the padded feature wall also acts as an extra headboard, which really heightens the impact of the bed itself.

2. Cozy and comfortable.

The high headboard of this deliciously dark bed makes for a fabulously comfortable snooze and it's interesting to see a low bed, with an extra thick mattress. This looks like heaven for a bad back! And we really like how the bed is the only dark contrast in the space.

3. Simple and understated.

When you like your furniture a little more understated, we suggest placing a bare frame in front of a statement wall. Here, the cladding-effect wallpaper makes for a surprisingly beautiful headboard alternative and by picking out tones of the wall for the bed linen, the overall effect is lovely.

4. Organically beautiful.

Natural wood. Is there anything it can't do? In a wood-heavy space, there might me a temptation to choose an alternative material for the bed, to avoid an overkill look, but we really love the continuation of the material here. Some bright bed linen has really lifted the theme too!

5. Sophisticated color.

Isn't this a dramatic bedroom? We love how dark and devilish it feels and really, there was little option but to choose a black bed, which we are in love with, by the way! With muted, luxurious bed linen, the Gothic vibe is kept under close control, while still creating a mysteriously sophisticated look!

6. Heritage styling.

Wonderful! While modern furniture always looks fantastic and intrigues us, there is definitely still a place for wonderful vintage pieces. What we love about this super cool bed is that it has been upcycled with some fresh color pops and by drawing that accent color into the bed linen, it looks so well put together!

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Which of these beds would suit your style?

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