6 Bathtub inspirations for a modern Indian home

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After a long day at work, a lot can be said about the comforting enjoyment of a bubble bath to relax the body and the mind's tensions. Bathing is not only a great way to maintain a person's hygiene but it is also a leisurely hobby. Everyone can enjoy a good old bath, kids and grown ups alike. Here are some ideas for bathtubs to inspire all tastes.

Futuristic bathtub

Who could have thought that one day it might be possible to take a bath in a futuristic looking bathtub? This bathroom is furnished with a tub that looks like an elegant spaceship. Every detail about this bath has been carefully selected to create a stunning and futuristic feel: the sultry black shade, the sophisticated design and gorgeous polished curves all converge to present a magnificent bathtub.

Metal tub

This unique style of bath made entirely of metal is a different approach on how a bath can look and feel like. The conductivity of metal  will be greatly appreciated once the bath is filled with warm water since the entire bath will adapt to the temperature of the water, therefor providing a comfortable bathing experience. This bath design is quite contemporary and can considerably enhance the look of a bathroom.

Timeless classic clawfoot tub

When so many options are available, opting for a classic look for a bathtub can do no wrong. A timeless piece such as this clawfoot tub will augment an elegant style to the room as well as being a tried and true comfortable bath. In this picture, the dark and rich shade of blue of the outer shell of the tub brings out its golden feet and water tap. A refined look can be attained by having a clawfoot tub such as this one in a bathroom.

Peaceful retreat

This spacious bathtub is a refined and modern piece. Since it has a bowl shape, this tub can bring a pleasant bathing time with the great amount of space available in it. The sleek and polished appearance of this bathtub becomes the center of attention in this bathroom as well as fulfilling the need for a comfortable and peaceful retreat.

Copper style

Copper is a metal of a breathtaking colour tone and in this picture, the designer of this bathtub has created a piece that matches the splendour of this kind of metal. The look of the bathtub is straightforward and so breathtaking. Opting for this type of tub will improve the atmosphere of the room it is in as well as giving it much character.

Bathing pod

Modernity, luxury and innovative design are at play here in this picture. This bathtub is provided with overhead gentle lighting that will enhance immensely the bathing experience. Like a pod, this bath offers a cocooned bathing; a cosy retreat for relaxation and delight. This piece is sure to pique everyone's curiosity and create a blissful sanctuary for the home. For more ideas by the designer Andreas Gentzsch click here.

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