Old Montauk Highway House:  Patios & Decks by SA-DA Architecture

​Robust and beautiful seaside home

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The beautiful seaside scenery and rolling hills of Montauk have beckoned us today and we are off on our next design mission. This next home is a wonderfully robust one with sophistication at its heart and plenty of homely warmth all around. The home has been designed by the team of architects at Sa Da Architecture in Montauk. This 4300 square feet home has received a modern outlook, thanks to the wooden element and the open layout. Come and have a look at this home to know more.

​Set on a peak.

This home is set within lush greenery, on a small peak next to the beach. A short walk down this concrete winding path will take you to this charming estate.

​Seaside affair.

The facade has plenty of low lying peaks that characterize most beach homes. The beach chairs and the wide porch on a raised platform add to the charm of the space as wooden planks and golden lighting create a warm statement.

​Stepping up the style game.

The steps of this deck accentuate the lofty look of the home in general.

​Vibrant living room.

Quirky retro furniture and colors that pop—these are a few of our favorite things in this living room! The patterns and the wooden planks in their white paint make for a homely statement.

​Checkerboard in the kitchen.

The checkerboard floor in the kitchen creates a classic and playful appeal, while the tall stools and the unhindered view makes this space the perfect breakfast nook. Old and solid features like the ceiling and the island make it a timeless space in style terms.

​Quirky prettiness in the bedroom.

The bedroom has a lot of practical touches like the wall mounted bureau as well as the simple retro-style bed and the nightstand to match. The wooden planks take center stage here, while the quirky artwork dominates the senses in this blue and white cabin-like room.

​Geometric bedroom.

Driftwood has been used to create a stunning headboard of this bedroom while azure shades line the rug below with a geometrical pattern. The vibrant cushions and soft lighting complete the look.

​Posh bathroom.

This luxurious bathroom has a bench next to the bureau and the mirror has a matching wooden frame. The tiles are a classic addition. The vibrant sea green foamy pattern on the rug makes this a stylish space.

​Spa-like feel.

This spa-like bathroom has glass sliding doors, which gives an unhindered view of the beach beyond. The oriental style stool holds neatly-folded towels and the compact tub makes for a cocoon-like feel. Gilded touches elevate this space to a spa-like status.

​Cozy bathroom and study.

This study table comes with a classic round mirror above for a whimsical feel. And the compact but cozy bathroom uses warm wooden elements and soft lights for a serene atmosphere.

​Stylish staircase and dressing.

The sharp cuts of the staircase make this a symmetrical and edgy addition to the home. And the dressing room is a warm and wooden affair with lots of shelves for easy organization.

​Private pool.

Take a dip in this curved pool with its stone accessories on the sides. Soak in the views of the lush surroundings as well.

Take another tour here - A perfectly designed family home.

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