A home’s journey from rubble to rustic paradise

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A Joia d’ Azoia is a Portuguese home that was lying in ruins before the architects at Pedro Quintela Studio were approached to lend it a charming and cozy makeover. The original rustic appeal of the house was retained while revamping the structure and making it habitable and stable. The interiors are richly adorned with wooden elements for warmth and a homely feel. Strategically placed skylights, windows, balconies and a terrace make sure that ample sunlight enters the home. Unique and creative decor accents and modern artificial lighting add to the attraction of this residence.

Before: a picture of ruin.

The home was in a completely dilapidated state, with roofs that had caved in and walls that were crumbling. The site looked like a pile of rubble and needed immediate attention.

After: rustic and attractive.

It is hard to accept that this is the same house that was once in ruins! Whitewashed walls, charming red roofs, wooden doors and windows come together to paint a pretty picture. The natural stone boundary wall is a truly rustic touch and exudes countryside vibe.

Before: ravaged walls.

Time, inclement weather conditions, and moss had utterly destroyed the walls on the backside of the house as well. Everything was falling to pieces.

After: grace restored.

The restoration of the house has been carried out with taste and attention to details. The curved stone wall adds an elegant rustic touch to the quaint white walls of the new structure.

After: warm and cozy living.

The lavish use of natural wood becomes apparent when we step inside the living area. The sofa is positioned on a white platform of sorts and lends stylish seating here. White walls contribute to the brightness, while wooden logs opposite the sofa wait to provide you with warmth. A branch mounted against the kitchen wall adds oodles of rusticity to the home.

After: bright and chic dining.

Bathed in the sunlight entering through the large skylight, the dining space looks ready to host pleasurable mealtimes. The furniture is simple yet elegant and the unusual mirror holds candles and decorative jars as well.

After: sensuous kitchen.

Equipped with wooden and curvy shelves and counters, the open kitchen looks warm and sensuous. There is ample space to move around, execute chores and organize all essentials neatly. Modern appliances and chimneys satisfy all urban needs in this rustic setting.

After: soothing bedroom.

Abundant usage of light-colored wood and serene white tones make the bedroom cozy and inviting. The plush bedding, soft lighting, and vintage furniture bring back the charm of bygone days. The bedroom opens up to a sunny balcony and enjoys outdoor views as well.

After: sun-kissed balcony.

Neat wooden elements and earthy-hued tiles on the floor make the balcony a cozy and refreshing space. Sunlight floods the sleek bench and cushions, inviting you to laze around with a book or cup of tea.

After: beautiful terrace.

Earthy-hued tiles on the floor and an artistic wood-lined platform for seating make the sunny terrace perfect for relaxing and breathing in fresh air. A concrete platform on the left is lined with cushions to offer you a cozy space for resting.

After: dazzling bathroom.

Gleaming and metallic-finish mosaic stones add oodles of glamour to this exquisite bathroom. Wood lends warmth and rustic appeal, while a unique mirror makes this a very stylish space.

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