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Located in the Berkshire Downs is an architectural masterpiece that defies conventional ideas of the traditional regal homes in this region. The structure in question is known as The Berkshire House created by Gregory Philips Architects. Its multi-storey contemporary design is truly incredible. Although it doesn’t leave much to the imagination, its vast, windowed façade yields to breath taking views of the surrounding countryside. The landscaping beautifully complements the home’s shape and style. The Berkshire House is not just a pretty demonstration of architectural prestige, however. It is a highly functional space for a family complete with three bedrooms, a living room, a large kitchen, a master bathroom, luxurious outdoor patio and more. Come with us on a virtual tour of a home that might just change the way you see Berkshire, England.

Step aside, Windsor Castle

As we look upon this glowing, transparent façade, the first thing we notice is the trademark green expanse of land distinct to the Berkshire Downs. This contemporary edifice is radically different from say, Windsor Castle. Yet, this tour will leave you seriously questioning whether it’s any less luxurious. Even at night, it’s apparent how much care goes into the landscaping that surrounds the home and its colouring uncannily reflects the deep blue of the night sky.

Reflectivity, textures and light

As we head inside, lets take a look at some of the remarkable exterior details of The Berkshire House. The reflecting pool multiplies the light and colour radiating from the interior. It is offset with the adjacent stonewall whose darker tones nicely mingle with the night sky and white interior. We can also see a glimpse of the family’s elaborate home gym.

Easy accommodation

During the day, the open-plan first floor is airy and light due to the expansive windows that enclose it. There is a state of the art kitchen, done up in tastefully minimalist design that is consistent with the contemporary style exterior of the home. The warm wooden hues of the hardwood give the room a homey embrace. The large dining table comfortably accommodates the family that lives here.

Incorporating the natural surroundings into the décor

Heading upstairs to check out one of three large bedrooms, we are met with this lovely neutral master bedroom. This king size bed is surely plush and luxurious. This tan and cream coloured room is even more minimalistic than the kitchen. Perhaps you’ll agree that the only accent colour the room needs is the lush greenery from outside that are radiantly displayed in the windows.

Views to render you speechless

The bathroom is separated from the master bedroom merely by a glass wall, which echoes the trend towards translucence applied in the home’s façade. It opens up to a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside, a testament to the privacy the family is afforded in the spacious Berkshire Downs. The lavish marble bath blends the modern, angular shape of the bath with the classic use of marble in bathing rooms that extends back as far as ancient times. 

An amply masculine den

The den takes on a different tone than some of the other, more luminous rooms of the home’s interior. The rich shades of brown give the room a classy, grand ambiance. The mahogany coloured walls lend an element of dimness to the space, and the plush rug are a twist on the more old-fashioned conception of the den. Combined with the zebra pattern pillows, and we have a tasteful break from the more minimalist decorative trend found in the rest of the home.

The perfect place to take it all in

It just wouldn’t be right for this home, situated in some of England’s most beautiful landscapes not to have a place to enjoy the scenery outdoors. These architects certainly have everything covered. The comfortable seating on the outdoor patio is perfect for a night of stargazing with the telescope or enjoying an aperitif with friends. The rustic wooden finish of the deck is a great complement to the earthy surroundings. This home is nothing short of extraordinary. We at homify hope you were just inspired by it as we were.

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