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Brent Verdigris Plant Pot Rowen & Wren Garden Plant pots & vases
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Gardens can be a safe haven for relaxation even in those long, winter months. It's a place you can go to unwind and take in that much needed breath of fresh air, away from the noises and demands of work or the household. So it's really important to make sure your garden is somewhere you want to be, somewhere you look forward to being. Keep it neat and tidy and ensure it doesn't become an overgrown jungle that simply stresses you out further. 

Your manicured and flourishing flowers deserve to be potted in the best possible pots, then. Allow them practical pots—ones that fit the size and needs of the flower. But also consider how the design of the pot will fit into the atmosphere of your garden. Is it a tall and elegant pot? Or smaller, and more eclectic? Which decision would fit your garden design the best?

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing! 

Arrange in sets

Brent Verdigris Plant Pot Rowen & Wren Garden Plant pots & vases
Rowen & Wren

Brent Verdigris Plant Pot

Rowen & Wren

Plant pots often come in lovely sets, so you have any number of matching pots. They can range from any size, usually coming in multiples shapes in each set. There's something so lovely about having matching sets.  Scattered around the garden they can really tie the design together, and give the garden a sense of harmony. 

The above image is a wonderful example of matching pot sets, with four individual pots of different sizes, but each made out of the same material. This allows for any kind of plant to be planted into the pot of your choice, since there can be a whole range from teeny tiny pots to gigantic pots. Sometimes matching pots are not as uniform as in the above example, but instead simply have the same colour scheme or general theme. They are still recognisable as a set, though. 

Towering tall

Kronen 65 Flower Pot in Warm Grey Concrete Adam Christopher Design Garden Plant pots & vases Concrete Grey
Adam Christopher Design

Kronen 65 Flower Pot in Warm Grey Concrete

Adam Christopher Design

Tall pots are a great way to have trees or tall bushes in your garden. They provide ample space for lengthy roots to grow, while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Adding an air of elegance to your garden, tall pots can boost the chic setting of your outside space. There's nothing more soothing than sitting back and relaxing, watching the sun filter through the leaves on the trees or bushes, particularly when the plant is supported by a gorgeous plant pot.

The tall pots in the above example not only boast stature, but also great design. They're contemporary and unique; perfect for the modern day garden. The triangle cut bush sprouting from them work beautifully with this 21st century design. 

Little boxes

But there's something to be said for small garden pots, too. Ideal for any sized garden, whether big or small, little pots can fit into almost any space. The fun part about having small pots is arranging them; multiple smaller pots can make really interesting designs. Or why not spread them throughout your garden, if you have the space. Interspersing small pots amongst the other sets of greenery can be a nice touch to any garden. 

Here, in the above example, the small pots are low to the ground but square shaped. This is only one example of small pots, though. They can come in many shapes, whether they're low and square or tall-ish but thinner. Simply consider the type of plant you'll be planting in the pot, then work from that point.

Mediterranean vibes

Mediterranean pots can come in almost any shape or size, design or patterns. Of course, you can stick to the traditional Mediterranean colours of creams and blues, inspiring images of cool seas and radiant sands. Or you can have tiled pots. Tiled floors are a huge feature in Mediterranean homes, from plain black and white check to elaborate patterns and colours. These transfer beautifully onto pots, although of course your ambitions will have to be taken down to the appropriate size.

Mediterranean pots can help bring that sense of summertime sunshine into your home, even if they sky is a little grey. Surrounding by enough Mediterranean pots, you can pretend to be sitting in a beautiful garden at the back of a luxury hotel, where the beach is only a few minutes walk away.

Cool and contemporary

Contemporary pots can really be made out of everything and everything, in any shape, size or design. What makes them stand out from other pots is their incredible 21st century vibes; their willingness to step away from traditional design and move forward.

The above image, for example, isn't quite a plant pot, but still houses several plants. It's an upcycled bird cage, painted white and used to keep a number of small, pink pots in the one space. It's a really unique and interesting design, one that I would recommend thinking about as inspiration. It's a great example of a random material/object being transformed into something else, giving it a whole new sense of purpose. 

Cool and eclectic

Eclectic isn't a style for everyone, but if you want to be a little bit 'out there' with your designs, consider venturing down the eclectic path. These wonderful skulls pots above show the extent to which you can have fun with your pots; that they can be fashioned into literally any shape or design, and painted whatever colour you like.

Eclectic pots don't necessarily have to be so morbid, though. They can be all the colours of the rainbow or monochrome, huge and dominating or tiny and cute. When eclectic pots are introduced to any garden the space instantly becomes more interesting, even if you have a traditional garden design. At least consider using eclectic pots in your garden; you never know what could work best for you. 

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