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Having an organized space is crucial in creating a beautiful environment so that you can fully unwind in your home. Spaces that are constantly in disarray can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and that is not what your home is for. By making sure that everything in your home has a place, you will save yourself a lot of worrying and will be able to enjoy your space to the fullest extent. One of the best ways, and the most common, to organize your home is by following the Feng Shui philosophy which states that you should harmonize everything with the surrounding environment and that will create a great sense of inner peace. 

Below are ten homes that have been beautifully organized using the Feng Shui technique. The results are not only beautiful but very calming and stress relieving. You won't ever need to go to a spa after following the ideas that you see below!

1. A harmonious mix of materials.

Natural materials are an excellent way of incorporating Feng Shui in your own because they automatically create a sense of harmony and peace. This bathroom features wood, stone, and mosaic tiles to create a very zen-like environment that will help you to unwind after a long day. The wooden columns anchor the entire space and give it a warm feeling against all the stone that graces the rest of the space. The stone adds a very sophisticated element to the space and nicely contrasts the warm wooden elements. A few ferns are placed in the space to make it feel even more natural and create a beautiful and peaceful bathroom.

2. Water features bring peace and calm.

Water features are a great way to anchor an outdoor space and make it easy to organize. The water feature, whether it is a pond, a fountain, or a waterfall, will always be the center of attention so everything around it will be an accessory. The water brings a calming feeling to the space and makes you feel very peaceful, which is what you need to unwind after a long day. The fluidity of water reminds us that we are constantly moving and changing so it instantly creates a zen-like feeling in any space.

3. Create symmetry in your space.

Symmetry is an incredibly easy way to create a sense of peace and organization. It allows you to focus on what's important in helping you to relax rather than focusing on what else is going on in the room. This bedroom is a perfect example of using symmetry on either side of the bed to create a balanced and beautiful space. Both side tables are the same as well as the sphere lamps, though they are different sizes. The right side of the bed features a small vase as the only difference but the entire space feels very organized and stress free.

4. Bring life to your space.

Having a space that follows Feng Shui doesn't mean you need to follow a minimalist or Asian style; it only means that your space follows a certain flow that allows energy to move. The idea can be incorporated with any style that you desire in order to create a happy and stress-free space for you to live in. Try to avoid having dead spots in your space, which are areas above or below a feature. This can be easily remedied with a few plants, artwork, or even lighting to give the devoid space more life.

5. Making the best of dead space.

In some spaces in your home it is very difficult to avoid dead space. This is especially prevalent in small spaces like entryways, hallways and corridors, and pantries and mudrooms. There is very little space to add a lot of features and get rid of dead space but you can still create a good and positive energy flow with a few tricks. Mirrors instantly make a space feel bigger and allow energy to move. Good lighting is key to brightening up the space and prevent it feeling like a dead space. The most important part is good organization, for your shoes, keys, laundry, or whatever the space may be used for. Since it is quite small, keeping things neat and organized will prevent any negative energy from arising.

6. Keep an open flow when arranging furniture.

The one thing everyone thinks about when they hear Feng Shui is the organization of their furniture. It is essential in creating a good energy flow as well as keeping a space very organized. The key to a perfectly organized space is to make sure there is plenty of room to move from one area to another. This creates a good flow and also prevents you from hitting up against awkwardly placed pieces. This small living room is an excellent example of organizing a space perfectly, with an L-shaped couch and small coffee table, and a very nice bookshelf off to the side so that it won't cause any blocks.

7. An organized desk makes you more productive.

It is quite well known that the messier your desk is, the less work you will get done. Messy desks are filled with a million distractions, unpaid bills, letters from friends, missed calls from people, it is impossible to concentrate. Keeping your desk completely free of anything but your computer and a few other essentials will help to make you more productive as well as keep you calm while you work, since you don't see the pile of stuff that needs to be done. Your desk should also be placed in a place with the least amount of traffic so that new distractions don't come up.

8. Lighter and softer pieces create a good energy flow.

When decorating your space, it is very important to choose pieces that will allow energy to flow through rather than be blocked. This doesn't mean having a very minimal design scheme, but it does mean avoiding bulky furniture that can overpower a room. Dark and heavy pieces make a space feel cramped and small, which can cause you to be stressed if you feel that you don't have enough room to move around. Keep things light and bright with sheer curtains, glass tables, simple table legs, and sleek couches.

9. Green is gold.

Houseplants are an excellent way to keep your space vibrant and fresh. There are many benefits to having flowers and plants around the house, the most significant being that they purify the air which helps you to breathe better. Plants bring life to any space and can be incorporated into any design style that you like. You can opt for large trees or ferns or smaller and more subtle plants, or a combination of both. They create a positive feeling in a space and feel any dead spaces that you may have in a room.

10. Let your personality shine in your space.

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No matter how organized or Feng Shui-ed your space may be, if you don't have pieces that make you happy you will never be able to unwind and feel relaxed in your home. Include personal pieces such as artwork, photographs, handmade blankets or art in your space to make it feel personable. This idea can be incorporated into any design style that you choose and is crucial to maintaining a home that is personable as well as well functioning. 

Are you stressed? Organize your home and relax at the same time!

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