Garage: 22 photos of garages to inspire you!

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So you have a roof over your head and you want one over your car? Then what you need is a unique, fashionable and durable garage. It should not only protect your car(s) from the weather, but should also complement your existing home and add value to your property. 

Of course if you are wanting something bold and visionary, then please ask a professional architect, who can blend the style of new structures with older ones. You don't want your brand new garage to stick out like a sore thumb—or if it does, you want it to be for the right reasons (innovative design, bright colors, unusual materials etc). 

Garage: 22 photos of garages to inspire you!

So to help you dream up your very own garage design, we have collected 23 of the very best. Let's start scrolling through…  

1. A strong, sculptural garage made from slabs of concrete.

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2. Inspired by the rural setting, this carport doubles as a work shed.

3. Dark, dramatic and with an interesting door, this is confident design.

4. If you have a beautiful car like this one then why not show it off behind glass walls?

5. Built from stone and warm wood, this is rustic simplicity at it's best.

6. Built in a sweeping line, these multiple garages are made to suit a magnificent home.

7. This minimal carport fits perfectly underneath the top level of this all-white home.

8. An expensive looking and timeless industrial garage made from quality timbre.

9. A contemporary garage integrated into the stacked design of a grand home.

10. This garage's strong design and pale materials make a striking impact.

11. Built entirely from wood, this family-friendly garage looks warm and friendly.

12. Using traditional materials in a modern design, this carport is as attractive as its car.

13. Old-fashioned but not out dated, this covered carpark is an impressive one.

14. With a straw roof and stained wooden panelling, this garage is unique and unforgettable.

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15. This garage focuses on practicality with large lights, drainage vents and stacks of shelves.

16. By illuminating the terracotta color these designers celebrate the surrounding environment.

17. Made from glass, in an unusual shape, this is a fresh alternative for a garage.

18. Lit up at night time, this garage looks futuristic and interesting.

19. Fitting a car snugly inside, this is an ideal design if you don't have much space at home.

20. This modest garage built from raw rock and stone is perfect for every romantic homeowner.

21. Together the sun and wooden pergola create striking shadows over the whole of this space.

22. As sturdy as the farmhouse it connects to, this double garage will stand the test of time.

Glass, wood, concrete or steel? What would your dream garage be made from?

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