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Even if you have an apartment in the city with a minuscule terrace or cramped courtyard, there is still more than enough room for you to have a luscious garden. To help you visualize just how that could look, we have collected images of 17 fantastical gardens that are certain to inspire and encourage you on your way to achieving your dream garden—all within the limits of your urban space. 

These back yard oases range from luxurious Moroccan inspired, tropical gardens, to minimalist concrete spaces with a Scandinavian edge, so no matter your taste and style preference, there is one that will suit you. Let's take a look through and get you start planning your ultimate green paradise today (probably with the help of some professional landscapers).  

1. Deluxe dining space.

This terrace is all about enjoying the stunning view. Long bench seats, tidy planter boxes and deluxe surfaces make it perfect for dinner parties. 

2. Geometry and lines.

Clean lines and tidy edges go a long way for this modern balcony, with the wooden pergola echoing the pattern of the wicker chairs. 

3. Blanched concrete and pale metal.

With all of that white wood, light metal and white flowers, this is a sophisticated and elegant courtyard. The contrast of the tall, dark gray pots are just the thing to balance it all out. 

4. Pure aesthetics.

Why fight the concrete environment when you can celebrate the purity of it like in this rooftop garden? The severity of the cement is softened by lines of full and fluffy flax bushes. 

5. Gray and burgundy contrasts.

Another example of a stylish balcony, this one is edged with tall, tidy planter boxes with healthy shrubs and furnished with contemporary chairs in a contrasting burgundy.

6. Adding to nature.

Looking so natural and easy, these trees seems like they have been there forever. The wooden bench seat, concrete edging and fireplace just elevates the space to that next level. 

7. Wild and carefree.

Bucking the trend of manicured trees and well groomed spaces, this urban garden goes for the wild and carefree attitude. A riot of color and textures. 

8. Peace and calm between the trees.

Taking inspiration from the flawless gardens of Japan, this backyard sticks with trimmed trees, stone sculptures and concrete stepping stones.

9. Bringing Morocco home.

Cocooned within tropical palms and huge green leaves, this is one incredible slice of paradise. Bright pink painted concrete finishes off the indulgent space for relaxing, right next to the pool. 

10. Focused on the food.

Perfect for the family that loves food, this stone courtyard focuses around an industrial sized grill. Surrounded by cupboards, a workbench and magnificent toparies, what more could a chef want at home?

11. Wide open spaces.

Integrated into the design of the house, this garden is expansive and minimal. Featuring a wide section of wooden flooring, the stars of the show are the soft, wispy trees planted straight through the middle. 

12. Hedged in.

Ideal for covering unsightly wooden fences or ugly house walls next door, ivy is a fast-growing decorative plant. With some contrasting white pots next to it, it makes for a tidy and attractive hedge.  

Here are 12 more fences that will be sure to make your neighbors envious. 

13. Splitting it down the middle.

By creating a feature like this stone piece in the middle of the courtyard, this small backyard is anything but boring. Copper edging and wall paneling add to the impact. 

14. White and green for impact.

The contrast created between the white edging, painted flooring and the green of the plants, trees and lawn is undeniably impressive. The back fence is kept natural and neutral.  

15. High society.

Fitting in with the neighborhood, this rooftop terrace is stately, elegant and magnificent. Trimmed hedges, shaped shrubs and beautiful white flowers make this a real-life fairytale garden. 

16. Classic and colonial.

With the hydrangea bushes and curved stone path, this garden is an instant classic. It brings a touch of that old Colonial classiness to this modern home.  

17. Decorating with mother nature.

This courtyard may be man made, but it's the decorative touches of nature that really make it something to look at. The delicate orange tulips soften the hard lines of the steel facade for an impressive look. 

Moroccan pool-side garden or elegant rooftop with manicured hedges? Tell us about your favourite city garden

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