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Home renovations: ​7 before and after pictures to stun you!

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OAK 2000 Modern Living Room
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What prompts a person to renovate a home and to make some changes? Boredom or an addition to the family? The need for more space, or the need for better style—or both? Whatever be the reason, we at homify have managed to create a collage of stories with which you can easily get the required inspiration to redo your home. Take a look at these seven before and after home tours to know more.

Home renovations: 7 before and after pictures to stun you!

​1.) Before: dilapidated structure.

This old home looked like it was ready to crumble. The barrack like facade also required an update

1.) ​After: modern charm.

This modern facade is a charming one that has replaced the barrack-like look of the old structure. Credit goes to the architects at Studio 06.

1.) ​After: the old and the new.

The designers have kept the old elements alive with the beams in the ceiling and the large mezzanine overlooking the space.

2.) ​Before: work in progress.

This space seemed like the perfect candidate for a kitchen.

2.) ​After: Scandinavian beauty.

The new kitchen has a soft Scandinavian wooden look. The stylish wood paneled space is done up with golden lighting and chrome appliances while a glass table sits in front.

3.) ​Before: an old home stay.

This old home stay had all the typical style trappings including some heavy wooden furniture, colored tiles as well as lace curtains.

3.) ​After: sumptuous apartment.

The new apartment shines under a modern design scheme with monochrome and linear patterns at play.

3.) ​After: eclectic style.

The new design scheme also has remnants of the bygone era in the form of this solid carved wooden table, which gives it an eclectic feel.

4.) ​Before: classically outdated.

The garish pink looks of this bathroom made it a rather uninviting space where it was difficult to function.

4.) ​Before: pattern overkill.

The patterns in this bathroom created an overkill of sorts due to the pink element on the fittings and the tiles.

4.) ​After: solid modern design.

The square shaped fittings and the soft gray and white patchwork tiles have now replaced the garish looking scheme from before.

​4.) After: wooden textures.

A neat wooden flooring clads the side of the bath tub and creates a soft look.

5.) ​Before: cluttered space.

The height of the hall was very under-utilized here, while the clutter also needed to be tackled.

​5.) After: neat white look.

This space has been turned into a lobby with a low slung series of beams. The shelves and couches together make it a cozy space.

5.) ​After: soothing elements.

This soothing space has patterns and wooden elements for a well-defined look.

6.) ​Before: under-utilized balcony.

This balcony was the epitome of neglect in terms of style and function as well as layout.

6.) ​After: well-planned.

This space is now well-planned with windows, a fireplace and furniture for various purposes.

​6.) After: brown and gold.

Soothing brown and gold have been combined with white for a sophisticated and airy look.

7.) ​Before: cavernous mess.


This room had no proper style scheme in its ruinous quarters.

7.) ​After: stylish attic.


This attic now accommodates plenty of seating and an open look with black wooden beams overhead.

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