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Space is a premium, especially when it comes to urban day living. There are many tricks that can help you maximize and utilize space even in the smallest of homes. We have brought you six apartments that show you how to have an expansive looking style statement even in a small space. Come and have a look at these compact homes with us!

​Niche appeal.

There are many homes—especially older ones—that have numerous niches. When we look at a room or a home, we may be at a loss as to how we can make use of the same. Yet, there are many ways of ensuring that every niche is used meaningfully. This has to be done in a way that makes the niche a part of the home’s overall design, much like this kitchen which has been fitted into a niche. It is the creation of the architects at Marta Novarini Architetto.

​Above the bed.

You do not need an elaborate headboard or dual nightstands to make your bedroom feel like a luxurious space. You can actually fit in shelves within a niche and bed underneath so that you have display and storage in one clean swipe!

​Create a platform.

As you see in this picture, the designers have created a studio apartment within a neat hall, where the bed is tucked into one corner within a slot. This niche holds a platform where the bed is laid out.

​In-built storage.

In this small bedroom, the designers have created flip open niches so that the platform under the bed may be used as storage.

​Slide, not swing.

There are many small details that should be taken care of in order to maximize the space in an apartment. One of the things that take up a lot of space is a door that swings open. In this apartment, the designers have created a sliding door by suspending it from a rail so that there is minimum space wasted.

​Artistic niche.

In this den like area, the designers have created a wallpapered niche with pretty lighting so that the shelves have a perfect backdrop. The books and other bric-a-brac have the perfect resting place and a reading corner has been efficiently created here!


The angles in this niche have been used to create a compact and open kitchen in this small apartment.

​Under the staircase.

The space under the staircase can be used as cabinets and niches.

​Privacy and flow.

In this home, while privacy has been created with the wall, the niche has been used to sneak in a well-functioning kitchen.

​Neat boxes.

The white box like appeal of this space gives it a great linear structure and style.

​Corner for the bed.

The niche that is automatically created for the bed holds a cozy appeal.

​Creating scale.

This studio has a kitchen built into the niche under the mezzanine and bedroom, while the entertainment unit also enjoys a similar niche.

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