​Separate the kitchen and living area with these tips

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The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but it is also a space where we would like some amount of privacy. This will ensure that you can prepare meals without the pressure of having to keep the area absolutely neat at all times, and also, it gives you the leeway to be at your comfortable best with your family or on your own. Come and have a look at these ideas to separate the living and dining rooms from the kitchen without eating into the space available in compact homes.

​Slim column.

You can have an open kitchen without compromising on the privacy factor. For this, one of the best things to do is to create a slim column that will offer a subtle partition for the area. This fabulous kitchen was made pretty by the home stagers at Demian Staging Design.

​Seamless blend.

While the kitchen has been separated with an island, one can still get a view of the pretty brown and blue living room, thanks to the seamless blend of the spaces.

​Varying heights for the ceiling.

The ceilings can be created at differing heights so that there is a clear demarcation between the kitchen and the living room.

​Create borders.

The ceiling in this living room has been created with a border and an inset, which visually cordons off the area without bulky walls. The lighting in the border further defines the boundaries of the space.

​Glass cube.

A series of glass cubes like this can create a demarcation without impairing the expansive good looks even in a compact space like this.

​Window of opportunity.

This glass cube with its metal frames and windows create an opportunity to merge the space without taking away the long linear line of vision. This kitchen also remains well-connected with the brown and white living room.

​Storage for a partition.

Casa SC, Bodà Bodà Modern Kitchen

This solid black polished cabinet goes from the floor to the ceiling. It is the perfect storage and privacy giving option for the home.

​Utilitarian space.

Casa SC, Bodà Bodà Modern Living Room

This space makes complete use of the wall at the far end so that one can store and display at the same time

​Change in floor color.

Sometimes, all you need is a subtle color change between the kitchen and the dining or living room so that you can create a well demarcated space.

​Wood and tiles.

The designers have used a tiled floor for the kitchen and wood for the rest of the space to create a subtle boundary.

​Kitchen in a niche.

The kitchen has been set in a niche here so that the rest of the space can thrive easily even as a sliver of privacy has been accorded to the kitchen.

​Airy dining room.

The rest of the dining room is an airy space that keeps the niche separate.

​Arches for space definition.

The various spaces can be defined and separated with the help of tall open arches.

​Elegant space.

The rest of the space is an elegant play of pattern and earthy tones.

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