Porches: here is how a beautiful porch was built!

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A house without a stylish and cozy porch looks incomplete. But often while building a new home, the porch receives less attention than it deserves. So when the flooring experts at Phu Bortnowski were approached to create a beautiful and functional porch for this house, they were excited. Not only has the porch added oodles of charm and natural freshness to the residence, it’s the ideal space for friends and families to get together on cool summer afternoons. Read on to find out how this was done.

Porches: here is how a beautiful porch was built!

Measured carefully before cutting.

The flooring experts measured the planks doubly and then cut them to line the platform and the steps leading to it. This was done to ensure that the planks fit perfectly and are not wasted.

The ground was prepared.

According to the wishes of the client, it was decided to install a wooden platform as the porch of the house. So the area under question was prepared by creating a gravel bed and installing a simple wooden structure which would help in fixing the planks.

Boards were fixed.

After being measured and cut, each wooden board was fixed in place to form the porch. Nails and some special resins were used to fix the boards together and with the gravel.

Importance of gravel.

Gravel provides a leveling base for the wooden platform and hence had to be used before putting the planks together. It also drains water efficiently which can otherwise reach the base and make the wood soggy. So the gravel ensures the structural stability and durability of the porch.

Finishing touches.

After the wooden porch was constructed, polishing, sanding and varnishing of all the pieces were carried out to give the structure a beautiful finishing. This will also help the wood to last long and become resistant to unfavorable climatic conditions.

Benefits of the space.

Wooden blocks were created on the platform to act as seats, so that a large number of people can get together and enjoy cozy discussions and fresh air. These seats have enhanced the utility value of the porch.

Decorative elements.

Note the lightweight black metal structure that has been added to the porch, so that creepers can grow profusely all over it. This creates a very serene and nature-friendly atmosphere where the inhabitants can rest, unwind and chat. The spherical yellow and white lamps hanging from the metal structure are a playful touch.

Graceful last look.

The wooden porch complements the tiles on the sloping roofs perfectly, giving the house a cozy and welcoming appearance. The creepers prevent overheating during summer months and add lots of charm to the porch.

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