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Leigh Leigh
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Today, we are going to visit the city of Rosario, located in Portugal, where we explore a fabulous project, designed by professionals Vismaracorsi Arquitectos

Located in a private neighbourhood, about 30km from the city, this house is low volume with a very open social area and more private spaces for the bedrooms and the bathrooms. 

The property was built at ground level, with the garage located underground.

The interior space opens up onto a main entrance and then an office, living room, pantry, main bedroom, guest bedroom, bathroom, terrace and swimming pool as well as a laundry and storage area. Multi-functional and stylish, you'll soon realize that this home is simply fantastic.  

So let's go and explore these amazing images! We hope these contemporary spaces will catch your eye. Be sure to let us know what you think of them at the end!

Rear facade with a large garden and terrace

The back of the facade opens up onto a spacious and wide terrace, which is simply awesome. On this side, the architectural structure features an abundance of glass, illuminating a transparent barrier between the interior and exterior spaces. This contrasts strongly with the main facade. 

The domination of the windows on this side also allow the interiors to communication directly with the garden. The swimming pool and spacious terrace bring an extra living space to the home where the family can relax in the fresh air and sunshine.

Clean lines from the front

 Before arriving at the door of this private yet beautiful home, a small garden already welcomes us. The house has a cloak-like design, with the facade hiding the interior spaces from the street. 

Featuring a few openings, this ensures greater privacy for the residents. A wooden door and window make for a very simple and enchanting entrance.

Attention to detail

As we have seen, the main facade is almost completely enclosed while the back opens right up onto the garden. 

Inside, however, the interiors open up to the ceiling. In this way, they are connected to nature while there is an abundance of light and fresh air flowing through the interior spaces.

The interior spaces are divided up by windows and partition walls that have a modern and fresh design. Near the front door, the interior garden allows light to enter through the opening in the roof. 

Minimalist in style, this garden, which is encased in glass, brings life into the entrance hall. 

Modern design

In this image, we can better appreciate the spacious interiors of the house. The environment consists of a living room, dining room and a kitchen, which are all integrated into one space. The entrance hall is on the left, while in the corner there is a conservatory.

All of these areas communicate with the outside. In fact the garden is very visible through the large glass windows. Light colours have been chosen throughout the interior design, with darker tones introduced in the form of small details such as a piece of furniture or two or decor items.  

Contemporary in style and characterized by simple and clean lines, the sofas, armchairs and coffee table fit in this space flawlessly. There is no need for carpets or rugs, leaving the gorgeous wooden floor on display. The ceiling is another example of the incredible attention to detail.

Neat and tidy

This simple kitchen does not have walls limiting it, allowing it to open up entirely onto the rest of the house. The kitchen island is the only element that demarcates the cooking area from the rest of the home—a clever and subtle tip. This is enhanced by the different flooring. 

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The walls that runs perpendicular to the kitchen features openings in it, so that it looks like shelves. This is a very interesting alternative to a standard and chunky wall. This is also a great way to integrate spaces! 

As we've seen in the rest of the house, white is a dominant colour. It makes the spaces seem more expansive as well as clean and minimalist. The white kitchen works in harmony with the glass dining room with its white patterned seats, resulting in a very elegant look and feel.

Beautifully contemporary

We end off our tour of this house by looking at this very special space. Through the large glass window, we can see how there is a connection between the kitchen and dining room and the outdoor dining and cooking space. This is a very modern outdoor area, with a barbeque fitted into the wall. The little bar creates the perfect spot for casually coming together to enjoy the surrounds—functional and comfortable.

Again, we can see how white plays a big role in the design, making for a very sophisticated look and feel. 

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