32 trendy ways to jazz up your bathroom!

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The bathroom is the only place in the house where we are truly alone and wash away our tensions in peace. It is therefore essential for the bathroom to be as beautifully decorated as any other living space, with a peaceful and cheering ambiance. With a range of decor options available, we bring to you 32 ideas for doing up your bathroom with modern pizzazz!

1. Cement.

Cement tiles look sleek and add character to the bathroom. Take a cue from this creation by the architects at Viviana Pitrolo Architetto.

2. Pristine.

A modern white decor creates a bright and spacious ambiance.

3. Combination.

A blend of natural wood and white is a classic combination!

4. Skylight.

A skylight bordering a large mirror is a stylish way to bring natural light.

5. Monochrome.

A contrasting black and white color palette has a timeless appeal.

6. Serene.

The soothing blue and white colors are enhanced by back lights.

7. Lengthwise.

A rectangular bathroom benefits from a big shower cubicle!

8. Shelves.

Floating shelves look elegant and save space.

9. Natural.

The rustic cabinets and plants harmonize with the white walls and fittings.

10. Neutral.

Don’t like white? Replace it with soft, light colors in a small bathroom!

11. Washbasins.

Look at the two types of washbasins in this trendy bathroom!

12. Design.

Elements like the hexagonal white tiles add a quirky touch!

13. Shower.

A shower cubicle with glass panels looks elegant and modern.

14. Solid.

A solid block of color looks good in a bathroom that is not too small.

15. Minimalist.

A minimalist style with simple, sleek furniture and sanitary ware.

16. Glass.

What can look more modern and elegant than a large glass enclosure illuminated by a skylight!

17. Colors.

This combination of beautiful colors and designs is so refreshing!

18. Warm.

The beige decor teamed with the rich cabinet makes for a cozy ambiance!

19. Grounded.

This is a trendy shower cubicle that connects directly with the floor.

20. Texture.

Textured walls add such a lovely rustic note in a modern bathroom!

21. Lights.

Back lights are a modern, stylish concept that is ideal for any bathroom.

22. Mirror.

A huge mirror adds loads of pizzazz!

23. Wood.

Wood is a great material for trendy rusticity.

24. Teak.

Textured walls are a beautiful way to complement stylish teak wood elements.

25. Chandelier.

A chandelier in the bathroom – what sophistication!

26. Bathtub.

A bathtub doubles as a shower.

27. Arch.

The arched design of the glass door is eye-catching in this classic bathroom!

28. Vintage.

The antique look never goes out of style!

29. Rustic.

Raw wood enhances the appeal of the modern bathroom.

30. Beams.

The roof beams perfectly accessorize this beige and wooden beauty!

31. Fittings.

Trendy designs of sanitary ware make a world of difference!

32. Harmony.

A lovely blend of a beautiful bathtub and modern shower in a rustic setting!

These 32 ideas offer much inspiration for a trendy bathroom decor. Read another story here - 14 small and modern bathrooms.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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