8 tips for a modern kitchen

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Apartamento do Homem Moderno - Morar Mais por Menos Vitoria 2015, Cristiane Locatelli Arquitetos & Associados Cristiane Locatelli Arquitetos & Associados Modern Kitchen
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The kitchen is a space where style and functionality must meet in a seamless design statement. In this space, it is imperative to go with the times so that you are able to process and create dishes in the best possible way within the least possible time. The modern kitchen is one that uses a number of modern style elements in order to create a statement that is unique and in keeping with the requirement and personality of the home owners. Come and have a look at these amazing eight tips that will help you design your modern kitchen.

​Color play.

The sheer power of color can be seen in this kitchen created by the architects at CRISTIANE LOCATELLI ARQUITETOS & ASSOCIADOS. Set in a cozy corner of the home, this kitchen is filled with psychedelic colors, which convert it into a bold and vibrant space. Rather than mere color blocking, the designers of this kitchen have reported to a play of lighting and patterns so that the true character of the colors and the defining elements of the kitchen are on display.

​Monochrome beauty.

This monochrome space is done up with white and slate black. The cubbies on one side of the white glossy cabinets make for a quirky statement of sorts while the patterned floor is one that lines this stark kitchen to give it a playful edge. The well-organised space is laid out in the gallery style with lighting on top.

​Wooden wonder.

The wooden kitchen here is truly an ode to the rustic school of art and design. The designers have taken wood and created an artistic look from its most raw grain and form. The wooden textures have been highlighted with golden lighting, and defined with wrought iron brackets for the open shelves. Rustic crockery and patterns line the space well.

​Colorful accessories.

This kitchen is full of colorful accessories such as yellow and red amidst the chrome and black space. The red accessories on the counter and the yellow cabinets make a fitting combination that hints at the playful and edgy!

​Practical touches.

The corners of the kitchen can easily enjoy the company of such customized drawers and cabinets that offer you easy storage for the small essentials like cutlery as well as easy access for these kind of pieces.

​Aqua theme.

The industrial meets the aqua in this chrome and blue kitchen. The unique blue and white finishes of this open kitchen ensure that a chic play of elements is in focus. The industrial style lamps and the white lights make for a neat and well-defined look.

​Small kitchen.

D`s HOUSE, dwarf dwarf Kitchen

This compact kitchen has a wooden panel on one side and a classic white cabinet on the other side. This gives it a distinct cottage style look filled with warmth and homely touches.

​Neat concealed furniture.

The neat furniture is well concealed and can be pulled out when the space needs to be used for dining.

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