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Cricklewood Interior Design Project Modern Bathroom by Primrose Interiors Modern
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Showers—the oft-neglected and less popular twin of bathtubs; when we we think of unique and luxurious wash spaces, they almost always feature a lavish and eye-catching tub. However, it is the utilitarian shower that is actually one of the most useful and practical items to include in your bathroom design. Whether you have a bathtub or not, your shower can shine with an original and innovative design. But how to go about creating a cool and impressive shower? Surprisingly, there are actually a range of different techniques you can apply when renovating or creating a new bathroom. Considerations such as lighting, placement, and tiling are key factors in ensuring your shower room is a standout feature of the space. 

If you need some handy hints, and perhaps a few stylish or sophisticated examples, then luckily homify is here to help! Take a peek at the images below, and get a little inspiration for your new, individual, and exceptional shower room.

Get creative with your tiling

When beginning your new shower design, you will want to ensure it is both inspiring, and functional. There is no point having a wonderfully inventive design, if it doesn't satisfy its one purpose and need, which is to offer a space to shower. If you want to get creative with your shower room, the best way is with some tiling. Tiling can come in almost innumerable styles and designs, and can therefore seem a little daunting at times. For this reason it is a good idea to speak to an interior or bathroom designer, who will be able to ensure your final product is cohesive and stylish.

In this example we see a truly original shower room that utilises a mosaic design in many different shades. It looks pixelated and intriguing, while presenting a highly innovative solution to the standard or homogeneous style, which many bathrooms tend to follow.

Consider different screen options

The shower screen is a key component to your bathroom. They are often large, bulky, and take up a huge space within your room, so you will want to get it right. Choosing the wrong shower screen can be a catastrophe. You will end up with something that not only looks bad, but is impractical, and doesn't suit your overall bathroom aesthetic.

There are few options to consider, based upon the style and design of your room. Firstly, for a truly unique shower room, you might want to think about removing the shower screen altogether and having a purely walk-in space. This is both luxurious and functional. Secondly, if that is not an option, think about a combination of different glass. Here in this example we see a beautiful shower with a built-in rain head fitting, and a blend of frosted and transparent glazing. The frosted side offers privacy from the bedroom, while the transparency part opens up to the rest of the space. To create a unique space, you may also want to think about a tiled separator wall. This is a permanent screen, which does not move, but is tiled to match the shower.

Choose a sumptuous shower head

Cricklewood Interior Design Project Modern Bathroom by Primrose Interiors Modern
Primrose Interiors

Cricklewood Interior Design Project

Primrose Interiors

The shower head is a key factor to consider when creating a unique wash space. There are numerous options on the market these days, and often it can be tricky knowing where to begin. Essentially, the shower head will come down to personal preference, and the way you shower. If you enjoy long lavish soaks, you may want a large rain head, as seen in the example below. However, if you prefer a harder stream of water, you will want to check out smaller fittings, which come with different settings. Additionally, if you are unable to choose, of use your shower for perfunctory means as well as relaxation, you should probably pick a combination of both. 

When size really does matter!

Brick Tile Series by Tileflair Country

Brick Tile Series


Let's face it, when it comes to showers, size matters. No one enjoys squishing themselves inside a minuscule metre-square space, only to struggle and squirm trying to reach the shampoo. If you are looking for a unique and unmissable design, then you need to think bigger! Now, obviously we are all hampered by the actual space we have within our bathrooms, and often increasing the size of the space is not an option. However, with a few design changes, you can really create a roomy and airy shower with ease. One option is to forgo the shower screens, and create an open shower. This may seem messy and undesirable, but it can provide free movement, and work brilliantly in a smaller area. Have the space tiled by a professional, and you will avoid any unnecessary flooding.

If you have a bigger space, then the bathroom design become a little easier. Choose an open space where you can provide the shower with an ample and spacious situation. Here in this example we see a mammoth shower space, which utilises an interesting tiled screen to provide privacy, while also creating a sense that the shower is disappearing. This wash space is large, open, and fabulously commodious, perfect for luxuriant moments of relaxation.

Placement is key…

The placement of your shower can make or break its design and aesthetic. If you choose to house your shower in a dank and dark corner, expect it to take a back seat in the overall appearance of your room. The shower can be a real feature of a space, and not simply a lackadaisical addition, satisfying a perfunctory need. In order for your shower room to be unique, you need to put it on show! Think about positioning it in an area where it receives maximum light, and relegate the toilet to the darker, less interesting corner.

In this example we see an outdoor shower. This feature enjoys the ultimate placement outside, and within a small courtyard. The area is decked to allow for the water, and works wonderfully providing a statement shower space, as well as many other additional options. The placement of this shower has been thoroughly considered, and looks effortlessly chic within this modern bedroom. As well as the bathtub taking centre stage, the shower, not to be outdone, looks fabulously simple, and offers the occupant a wonderfully different bathing option.

Don't forget to illuminate your space

The last and final point to creating an unmissable shower room is to ensure it is light, and bright. There is no point putting in all that effort to build something stunning, if it is impractical during the evening, or during the day time. The first thing you should think about is natural lighting. Natural illumination is by far the best sort of glow you will achieve for your space. There truly is nothing better than waking up in the morning and showering with the warm sun upon your face. This point goes hand in hand with 'placement', as you will want to ensure you place your shower somewhere it will attract and benefit from the bright sunlight. 

The second important lighting feature you will want is artificial. At night, it can be great to have some mood lighting that will illuminate the space sufficiently, while also evoking a moods of rest and relaxation. You can create any ambience with lighting, and it all depends on how you utilise your space. If it is perfunctory for simply washing, then choose something bright, to allow a functionality. If you want a spa-like vibe in your home, then opt for more subtle lighting. 

In this example we see a huge shower that employs both the subtle lighting upon the walls, as well as being situated in a place to make the most of the natural illumination from the windows. Coupled with a huge rain shower head, this space is lavish and enticing!

We hope that got the decorative juices flowing! If you would like to read more, we suggest: 6 easy steps to a fancy bathroom

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