Time for a makeover: 9 small changes that will make you fall in love with your house again

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If you keep walking around your home and feeling a little flat, maybe you need to change up a few small things and we have some fantastic ideas for you today! You won't need to call in a professional building team for any of these simple home flourishes, but the impact they make is undeniable. We know you don't want to believe that some candles, or a splash of paint will make you head over heels for your home once more, but we're willing to be that they will and given that they are such cheap projects to complete, why not try them, before you make a judgement? If you are ready to love your home again and by investing only a small amount of money and minimal effort, then let's begin!

1. Swap out old fashioned tiles.

One of the biggest kitchen and bathroom killers if naff old tiles! You just can't get away from those lurid 70s or 80s patterns, can you? You can paint over them, but you know they are still lurking, so rip off the tiles you have long hated and swap them out for something contemporary! Your room will look totally new and we think that you can handle a little grouting!

2. Grow some fresh herbs.

They smell great, look amazing and taste phenomenal, so what's not to like about the idea of growing some herbs in your kitchen? If you have been falling out of love with your cooking space, this might reinvigorate you and get you to start trying out new recipes! Grab some hanging pots and the herbs won't even be in your way on the counter!

3. Paint a wall in a daring color.

How bold do you feel right now? Tap into your courage reserves and really go for it with one wall in a room you are finding a bit dull now! In a bedroom, we are in love with a single black feature wall, as it actually adds warmth and elegance, but this is your home and you have to love it, so what's your preferred hue?

4. Try some decals on for size.

Easy to apply, totally available to customize and non-permanent, wall decals have taken off in popularity for a reason! They don't even leave a mark when you remove them, so this is a perfect solution for any of you that are a little flighty with your home decor! Apply sayings, mantras or just pretty pictures to plain walls and watch them come to life! Our tip: Select wall tattoos which are designed as frames, so you can create a very personal decoration.

5. Accessorize with seasonal colors.

The great thing about this tip is that your home will effectively change with the seasons, so you'll never have the chance to get too bored of it! In spring, look for pale green and pastel yellow additions, such as cushions and throws, then in summer add in a little orange. Fall needs browns and rich golds, while winter is all about red! Just changing up some cushion covers, throws and lampshades will make a massive impact on your home!

6. Add lots of indoor plants.

Plants have a habit of making even the most depressing space seem a whole lot more natural, pretty and fun! Add to that the fact that they purify your air, and you might find that the look AND feel of your home is much improved by adding a host of leafy friends. If you're new to plants, simply get some advice from the garden center about maintenance.

7. Put candles to good use.

How about dimming those lights a little and enjoying a softer ambiance in your home? What's that? You don't have dimmers? Well that 's not a problem, as candles do exactly the same thing. Perhaps you've been seeing your home in the glaring main light for so long that you've forgotten how cozy and snugly it can be! Candles on, lights off and get ready to fall in love again!

8. Hang a gallery wall.

A wonderful idea that will finally see you putting all those prints you've collected and photographs that you've kept for years, to good use! Frame your favorite images and get them up on a blank wall, but try not to be too uniform with the layout! An eclectic gallery wall always looks fantastic and  if you add some lighting too? Geez Louise it'll look good!

9. Buy a pet!

This is not a drill. We repeat. This is not a drill! it might seem like a strange thing to suggest, but of you have a house that you are falling out of love with but have no prospects for moving any time soon, you need to rediscover the fun parts of it, or experience it in a new way. A pet will definitely show you why you loved your home to start with and having a little furry friend hanging around will keep you on your toes too much to ever get bored again! Genius!

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Which of these ideas are you going to try out? (Please say it's buying a pet!)

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