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Interior design is a strange thing, really. We tell you what the biggest trends are and try to help you understand what isn't a good plan, but in reality, it all comes down to personal taste! What we love and consider to be the height of minimalist chic might sadly underwhelm in Japan, or anywhere else, so we thought it would be really interesting to take a look at apartments from four of the most cultured and beautiful cities in the world. In each case, the interior designer has crafted a homely, geographically sensitive home and we love them all. Does that mean that we have good taste? We like to think so and there's no way that you won't go crazy for at least one of these, so you must have super taste too!

1. A converted dairy in Barcelona, Spain.

Oh wow. Did you ever see open-plan living look so good before? The height of the space, all the original industrial touches and the heritage wood and brick have all made this utterly spellbinding but just look at how the furniture plays along! Low-level sofas emphasize the height even more, as do pendulum lights and hanging chairs. While most of the furnishing is a crisp white, to match the wall, we are seeing some funky retro touches too. Can we live here, please?

1. Great use of space.

So many people would have simply installed a walkway and forgotten about this connective passageway, but not these owners! Installing simple, modern bookshelves has made this corridor a haven for bookworms, art lovers and anyone that enjoys a fantastic view. Felicitaciones Barcelona, you've created a masterpiece!

2. Luxury living in Istanbul, Turkey.

From one extreme to another, here we are in what can only be described as a palace in Istanbul! The incredible luxe marble that comprises the floor would have been enough to make this hallway a real standout space, but then there's designer light fixtures, unusual furniture, an all encompassing gold color scheme and a perfectly lit, winding staircase! It should all look too much together, but the unapologetic way that it simply exists, make you admire its audacity and style!

2. Talk about tiles.

Given that this is a bathroom, not a huge communal space designed to impress, the use of heavy black marble tiles is the kind of excessive that we could get used to, given the chance! It looks bold, dramatic and so luxe that one tile might pay our mortgage off, but that's what makes it such an inspirational home! Kutlamak Turkey, your love for opulence is shared, big time!

3. A nature-friendly space in Tokyo, Japan.

From all-out decadence to the ultimate in pared back simplicity now! This stunning home in Japan has been crafted to welcome, nurture and respect nature at every turn, whether through the installation of potted plants, the displaying of fresh blooms, or by using natural materials wherever possible. Of course, wonderful wood plays a major role here and contributes to an easy, relaxed home that feels so laid back. Simple decor for a gentle way of life. Divine.

3. Minimalism, Japanese style.

You remember what we were saying about minimalism? Well this is how it translates in Japan! Fresh white walls, a single high-backed chair. a long wooden bench and a blind. That's all you get. You can't deny that the space manages to feel finished and well thought out though! With a large window to the right, there is a constantly evolving view and tableau of outside life and really, what more could you need? We'd be more than happy to say konnichiwa to some Japanese minimalism in our homes, would you?

4. Classically elegant in London, UK.

​The living room at the Mansfield Street Apartment Nash Baker Architects Ltd Living room Wood White
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​The living room at the Mansfield Street Apartment

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Cor blimey Guv'nor, it looks like we must be in England, because this gaff looks well posh! Bad Cockney accents aside, we ARE in England for this lovely apartment that shows classic styling doesn't have to be boring or stale. It can, in fact, but hugely fun, eclectic and different. You'll see here some fabulous parquet flooring, with plenty of vivid rugs and heritage furniture sat on top of it. Add in some modern wall art and ornate fireplace and high ceilings which have been finished with bold coving and you have a quintessentially British apartment!

4. Somewhere to cook a fry up!

​The kitchen at the Mansfield Street Apartment Nash Baker Architects Ltd Kitchen White
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​The kitchen at the Mansfield Street Apartment

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

England has it right, with its fancy homes and basic but comforting grub, so we always assumed that really well stocked kitchens are a big part of British homes and this one proves the point! With country-style cabinets, more parquet flooring and a charming farmhouse dining table all in place, this is the heart of the home, the source of all the good nosh and a great example of why homes in London are so lovely! Bloody good job UK!

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So...which was your favorite?

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