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10 amazing ways to make gardening easier!

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Traditional and Contemporary Mix Cherry Mills Garden Design Minimalist style garden
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When it comes to gardening, you're either green-fingered or you're not, and if you aren't, you need all the help you can get! That's why we have brought together 10 fantastic tips for making taking care of your garden far less of a chore and much more enjoyable. After all, who wants a hobby that is actually hard work? We took a look at how professional gardeners make lighter work of their duties and we think we've tapped into a few trade secrets, so come with us now as we tell you all of them in a bid to make gardening a little more fun!

1. Use non-stick tools.

Traditional and Contemporary Mix Cherry Mills Garden Design Minimalist style garden
Cherry Mills Garden Design

Traditional and Contemporary Mix

Cherry Mills Garden Design

It's not only your kitchen that can make good use of non-stick items, as plenty of gardening implements are available with a Teflon coating that makes them non-stick and easier to plunge into the soil. How's that for an easy fix?

2. Just use stone!

When you know you don't have the patience needed to maintain a plant-filled garden, you need to think about other decorative options. A rock garden is easy to install, looks brilliant and thanks to nothing living existing in it, needs no ongoing care either! Simple!

3. Stick to manageable designs.

If you are determined to make your thumb a little greener by taking care of some plants, start simply! Stick to straightforward bed shapes and gorgeous low-maintenance plants that will only need the occasional water and a little pruning!

4. Try out some faux grass.

Small, low maintenance garden Yorkshire Gardens Minimalist style garden Wood-Plastic Composite
Yorkshire Gardens

Small, low maintenance garden

Yorkshire Gardens

Don't have time to mow the grass every week? Then don't! Lay artificial grass instead and just sit back and relax! The styles available now are really convincing, so you needn't worry that people will know either!

5. Keep an eye on aggressive plants.

If you don't know which plants will grow quickly, get some advice at the garden center. The last thing you need is an aggressive shrub that takes over a bed in a matter of weeks! You need slow-growers with small ground coverage potential.

6. Keep delicate blooms in pots.

When you try to nurture something a little more fragile, you need to keep it in a portable pot, as that way, when inclement weather hits, you can simply bring it indoors and protect it. Don't risk planting needy flowers in your garden before you know you can handle them!

7. Use bark chippings to tackle weeds.

Canopy Lane Aralia Minimalist style garden Wood Green

Canopy Lane


A quick and simple way to keep weeds at bay is to cover your new flower beds with a thick layer of bark chippings. They'll look great, keep everything neat and stunt weed growth massively!

8. Make a sprinkler system do all the hard work.

Stainless Steel Garden Tap Station with Hose Reel, Tap and Platform Ingarden Ltd Garden Plants & flowers
Ingarden Ltd

Stainless Steel Garden Tap Station with Hose Reel, Tap and Platform

Ingarden Ltd

Don't be that person standing out on the lawn watering it every hour of the day! Set up a sprinkler system, on a timer, to do all the hard work for you. Don't forget to water in winter too!

9. Choose more evergreens.

For year-round stunning aesthetics in your garden, you need to be selecting some evergreens! Never bald, patchy or brown, they simply radiate out a healthy green glow, whatever the weather. Plus, they are hardy, so a quick prune is all they'll need from you. 

10. Build a simple path.

Obviously, you'll need to be able to access all your plants, in case you need to move them or prune, so it makes sense to lay a simple garden path that will enable you to get a little closer. It doesn't have to be fancy, so grab the shingle and paving slabs and get to work!

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