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Most of us know all too well the annoyance of a cluttered, inefficient and poorly-designed kitchen, a space that no matter how tidy and clean, still looks as though it has been hit by a hurricane. Unfortunately (or fortunately), there comes a time, when a kitchen is no longer able to fulfil its duty as a food preparation space. Perhaps it only has one sink, a faulty or difficult oven, or maybe the benches are stained and sliced with decades of improper and messy domestic use? If this is the case, it may be time for a kitchen makeover. A cleverly designed and capable cooking space needs to be orderly and stylish. You will want to consider your budget, your style, and the level at which you want to renovate, be it a small revamp, or a major overhaul. 

Get some inspiration from the examples below, and ensure that your next home project is thoughtful, clever, and well-designed.

Think sleek

So you’ve decided it is time for a kitchen remodel—but where to start? What finishes will suit your existing home décor, and how much should you spend to achieve the look you want? All these questions are important considerations when deciding to renew or refresh your kitchen space. One cooking space that never seems to go out of fashion is the sleek and glossy style of kitchen. Suitable for a modern or heritage home, this kitchen utilises up-to-the-minute appliances, chrome sink fittings, granite benchtops, and high gloss white joinery. To further enhance its sleek look, the cabinetry is flush with the wall, and avoids handles, knobs and other fittings.

Timeless rustic beauty

The Cotes Mill Shaker Kitchen deVOL Kitchens Kitchen
deVOL Kitchens

The Cotes Mill Shaker Kitchen

deVOL Kitchens

Perhaps modern or contemporary is not your cup of tea—you need a rustic country kitchen. This beautiful example shows how you can incorporate a classic styled kitchen into a farm or country style home. If your dwelling is modern you needn’t worry, this kitchen will suit many different interior décor and designs. An important element to note is the butler sink that injects a little luxury and country panache into the space.

Classically in-keeping

When remodelling you kitchen, it is important to think about how your new space will look against the other elements in your home. This example shows how a classic kitchen is perfectly coordinated with the surrounding décor and not only acts as a stylish space in its own right, but as a harmonising addition that enhances the other domestic areas. Remember to consider how your kitchen is going to look when it is finished—do you want a sleek black kitchen if you have modern country furniture? Or perhaps neat antique white joinery would work in a more congenial way?

Think about the lighting

Sometimes so much time is spent choosing joinery, finishes, and colours that lighting is completely left out of the mix. Time to change that—if you are undertaking a kitchen remodel, lighting is often one of the most important considerations, as it will influence the ambience, and final atmosphere of your space. This example shows an excellent combination of LED downlights that illuminate the cooking area, while Edison-style filament lights hang down over the kitchen island. The soft island lighting means the dining area is softly lit, and amicably luminous.

A user-friendly space

A truly user-friendly space, this wonderful kitchen utilises all the elements of classic design, but with a hint of modernity, and retro trendiness. From the heat storage stove, to the Scandinavian styled island, this space is a perfect blend of comfort, homeliness and edgy design, which creates a beautiful family-friendly area. When remodelling you kitchen, play with the dimensions of your home. This long and lean room is enhanced with a long kitchen and a coordinating dining table. The result is a space that works in perfect stylish harmony.

The importance of appliance location

Family Living homify KitchenElectronics

Family Living


Something most people who remodel their own kitchen forget, is the importance of appliance location within the space. There is no use putting the stove top in a poky corner, or the sink staring into a blank wall. When you place your appliances in the right location, you will ensure that your kitchen becomes a more friendly and cordial place to be. Think about placing your stove in an island, or a sink facing a window—you will not only ensure the kitchen looks good, but the chef will be thankful for a functional and workable space.

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