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5 small bathrooms miraculously transformed

Leigh Leigh
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One of the great pleasures of exploring different projects is the opportunity to observe the incredible transformations that our professionals provide. Often, a particular environment does not seem to have a solution but then great talent intervenes and we watch something completely new appear before our eyes.

Small bathrooms are undoubtedly one of the rooms the benefit most from remodeling. Whether its because of the lack of space or the need to really be innovative when it comes to distribution, this area needs a lot of dedication and care.

This is why today at homify, we have put together five totally unbelievable little bathroom renovations. These are bathrooms that initially featured no visual inspiration, but have now come to display a very modern identity. In fact, these new and improved bathrooms are easily some of the nicest spots in the home!

Let's take a look!

Bathroom 1: a modern space

We thought we'd begin an after photo so you aren't scared away. The old dilapidated bathroom has been completely refurbished and reorganized. Bright finishes in light colours reflect the lighting throughout the space, making for a gorgeous, modern and appealing environment. 

The wooden cabinet brings an element of warmth to the space, contrasting with the ceramic floors and glass shower.

Bathroom 1: in ruins!

Before - Bathroom by homify



This image could not depict the sad state of affairs more accurately. The walls feature large holes in them, the tiles are grubby and the space doesn't look like it has been cleaned in quite some time.

Bathroom 2: aged appearance

This bathroom is in need of a breath of fresh air. The colours clash and the lighting does nothing to create ambiance or mood. Some inspiration was needed!

Bathroom 2: elegant and chic

The outdated style has given way to a fantastic renovation. The dark tones offer a beautiful and sleek appearance, while bringing a timeless look to the decor. This is a very inspiring renovation!

Bathroom 3: terrible colours

In this small bathroom, we find a decorated space with very unappealing colours. They look even worse under the lighting! The main thing to learn from this space is that colours should work in harmony with one another as well as bring in a tranquil and serene look and feel.

Bathroom 3: white tones

This space has undergone such a radical transformation, it doesn't even look like the previous space. The brown colours are gone and the features have been completely rearranged.

The solution was to use only a few simple and modern pieces in this room as well as introduce white tones for a refreshing and clean look and feel.

Bathroom 4: very uncomfortable

Small and without a very inspiring design, this little bathroom was very lost. The neutral coloured tiles, the purple toilet seat and the colourful door frame do nothing to enhance this space. It looks very cheap yet not so cheerful.

Bathroom 4: a miracle

This is another wonderful transformation. The light colours and the oversized mirrors are great choices, making the setting look even more spacious, minimalist and sleek.

The colourful, patterned baskets with ethnic designs bring a gorgeous touch to the simple scenery.

Bathroom 5: too many choices

This is the last project that we will visit today. The space is small with too many choices! There is so much going on that it's difficult to find peace or serenity in this little room. A renovation was urgently needed.

Bathroom 5: beautiful decor

Another beautiful renovation! Light colours once again provide a very effective touch to small spaces. 

The large mirror behind the sink is also a great choice, providing amplitude and optimal light distribution in the room. The classic cabinets and the gold taps add an elegant touch to the space.

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