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A great villa with a deceptive facade

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What may look like a large island hut with a straw roof actually houses some seriously luxurious rooms inside. This villa designed by Dutch interior architects KABAZ definitely downplays the comfort and opulence that is hiding inside. So today we are throwing open the doors of this magnificent property and taking you all on a tour around it's many stunning rooms. And just wait until you see what is at the end of the trip!

Seeing the full picture.

And you can get more of a sense of the scale when we step back a little. Not only is there a main building, there is a matching carport, an expansive terrace with outdoor seating area, a huge lawn, and even a tree house tucked away in the garden. This property fulfills the dreams of both adults and children alike! 

A thatched roof.

With it's straw roof, wooden paneling, lavender-filled planter boxes and old-fashioned lanterns this home may look simple and sweet from the outside… but don't mistake it for being anything but grand and deluxe.  

Sophisticated colours.

The paved area running around the perimeter of the house finishes the property off beautiful, adding polish and sophistication. And by painting the borders, wooden paneling and nearby planter boxes a luxurious and dark color, we know instantly this is a house of fine taste. The thatched roof just adds that touch of rustic authenticity. 

Sumptuous and symmetrical.

Now this is where this house starts to reveal it's true colors. The living room is full of rich textures, super-sized furniture and dramatic details. Long flowing curtains edge the whole room and the lighting is kept low and warm. This is one sumptuous and palatial-sized room, big enough for the whole, extended family. 

Futuristic details.

And on the other side of the living room is where things move to the next level. A central padded island is home to a highly futuristic television and an open fire place on the side. A ventilation system sits out over the flames and looks minimal, sleek and exquisitely made.  

Subtle splendor.

The kitchen is no different. Designed in an 'extravagantly minimal' style, it features a heavy duty granite counter top, high grade adjustable, rotating lights, streamlined cupboards tucked around the sides of the kitchen island. And yes, that is yet another fireplace—this time built into the wall. 

Finely crafted pieces.

Once again, we see the supreme levels of taste apparent in this home. This space which could easily be a sitting room, an office, or a guest room has got every inch covered with something unexpected and incredible. As in the living room, the furniture is large and luxurious, the flooring is finely crafted, and the lighting is beautiful beyond belief. 

Going beyond expectations.

Moving onto the bathroom, we bet you are continuing to drool over the fine features. This time is the deep chocolate brown and cream tiling covering the walls and matching the dark wood of the cabinet and the flooring. Again, everything that is done here, is done well: the shower is no simple cubicle, the bathtub is no plain boring rectangle, the wash basin is not your usual round type.  

The crème de la crème.

And now, the pièce de résistance; the jewel in the crown: here is the in-built, at-home, private sauna (plus gym). With the two separated rooms (one steam room, one shower room), and the huge workout room, this corner of the house just couldn't get better. 

What's more is that there is also a home cinema AND a games room in this wondrous home! That's it—we are buying our Lotto ticket today! And if you want to continue dreaming, then go and check out this New York apartment with the million dollar views of downtown Manhattan.  

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