19 tricks for the cleanest bathroom you've ever had!

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Huddleston Road Sam Tisdall Architects LLP Modern Bathroom
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Who doesn't want to make their chores easier to handle? We know that we do, which is why we are bringing you our Top 19 tips for making your bathroom sparkle, with out having to put in too much effort. Seriously, all of our ideas will make for a really dazzling space, with very little time or elbow grease needed and you know that they'll work, as professional cleaners themselves use these techniques! Your bathroom really is a room that needs to stay super clean and fresh, so read on and find out how you can be the envy of your friends and still have time to meet them for lunch!

1. Open the windows.

Fresh air goes a long way in a bathroom, so open the windows up!

2. Use vinegar on the shower head.

Tie a bag of white vinegar over your shower head and leave over night. In the morning it will be limescale free and shining like a star!

3. Wash those mats!

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark Drummonds Bathrooms Scandinavian style bathroom
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark

Drummonds Bathrooms

Bath mats can get smelly very quickly, so wash or deodorize them weekly!

4. Wax up your vents.

To prevent air vents from getting grimy, rub beeswax on them and see how quick they are to wipe!

5. Save time by mopping walls.

Eaton Mews North - Master Bathroom Roselind Wilson Design Modern Bathroom
Roselind Wilson Design

Eaton Mews North—Master Bathroom

Roselind Wilson Design

Why scrub the walls with a small sponge, when you can simply mop them! Such a time-saver!

6. Don't forget the toilet rim!

So many people forget to really get under the toilet rim when cleaning, but it makes a massive difference! Rubber gloves on!

7. Get your toilet pearly white.

Drop a couple of denture cleaning tablets in your toilet bowl and leave overnight for a limescale and stain-free bowl the next morning!

8. Use self-cleaning sprays.

Feature Showers and Steam Showers Nordic Saunas and Steam Modern Bathroom
Nordic Saunas and Steam

Feature Showers and Steam Showers

Nordic Saunas and Steam

When you finish showering, give your screen a quick spritz of glass cleaner. It will clean itself from there and leave you with a gorgeous streak-free finish!

9. Vinegar-wrap taps.

Soak tissues in white vinegar then pack them around any limescale that you notice in your taps. Leave overnight for the best results and then rinse!

10. Audit your storage!

Make sure you regularly throw out old medicines, out of date toiletries and grubby make-up, as all of these things will make your bathroom a bit more stale!

11. Clean your light lenses.

To make your room brighter, take the time to clean your light lenses or bulbs. It'll only take a minute and will make a big difference!

12. Tie your shower curtain.

After a shower, tie your curtain up to prevent the bottom staying in water. This is the leading cause of mouldy curtains!

13. Don't forget to clean your handles.

Battersea LEIVARS Eclectic style bathroom



If you have any storage with handles in your bathroom, give them a quick wipe while you are doing the sink, to prevent sticky fingerprints ruining all your hard work!

14. An old toothbrush will come in handy!

A dab of bleach gel on an old toothbrush is the perfect remedy to dirty or moldy grout! Give it a scrub and be shocked at the difference!

15. Swap out your dull bulbs.

Have you really thought about your bathroom lighting? You need bright, sparkling light in there so why not invest in some more powerful bulbs, but in LED format, so you can save some money!

16. Invest in scented candles.

Candles that give off a beautiful aroma are a must for every bathroom. We don't think we need to tell you why!

17. Tackle glass smears.

In an otherwise very clean bathroom, streaky glass will look awful, especially on your mirrors, so use a proper glass cleaner and even a squeegee, to get the perfect finish.

18. Wash your toiletries.

Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles all get clogged up and sticky, so next time you have a shower, give them all a rinse before you put them back on the shelf.

19. Tackle the floor last.

​Brixham House Tye Architects Modern Bathroom
Tye Architects

​Brixham House

Tye Architects

When you've cleaned your whole bathroom, it's time to do the floor, so you can shut the door, let it dry and forget about all the chore for another week. Work from the point furthest from the door and you won't get trapped!

For more household organization advice, take a look at this article: 7 tips for maintaining a tidy house.

Which of these tips are you going to try out?

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