12 garden styles for each zodiac sign

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Your zodiac sign can tell a lot about you especially when it comes to describing why people are often pulled towards certain designs and styles. You may not know exactly but your zodiac sign pretty accurately describes why you like things, it's a wonderful source. This applies to every aspect of your life but today we will be focusing on what your zodiac sign says about what type of garden style would be best for you. This guide will help you find everything you need to design the perfect garden that will make you happiest!

Aquarius—quiet and eccentric.

Aquarius have a bit of a dual personality; they are quite shy and quiet but can also be energetic and eccentric. They are very sociable with their friends but also value their alone time. Aquarius love deep and intellectual conversations as well as helping others in times of need. This garden is perfect for Aquarius because it is very original and unique with exotic trees lining the stone pathway and leading to a very open and beautiful garden area that is perfect for long chats in the fading sunlight.

Pisces—compassionate and romantic.

Pisces are artistic and compassionate; they love music and romance. So what better type of garden to design for them than a gorgeous, rustic space to revel in their passion? This beautiful Mediterranean style garden is filled with lush greenery and incredible stone. There is plenty of space to sit around and enjoy lovely conversation with friends as well as share the space with a number of friends and family. This garden is the perfect space to share their love of music and arts, with plenty of space to dance and play music. 

Aries—courageous and enthusiastic

Aries are confident, determined, and courageous; they are the Gryffindor of the zodiac signs. They aren't afraid to show who they really are and are very optimistic and enthusiastic for what the future holds. For such a brave and bold sign, we find ourselves in a very creative and exciting garden. Here we see the bushes designs in a geometric pattern adding a lot of character to this beautiful home. The vines climbing up the home add more dimension and greenery to the space while the open space allows for great summer strolls or evening dinners. 

Taurus—reliable and loves gardening.

The Taurus is a person who adores gardening and taking care of their space. They love everything that is good and beautiful and will often surround themselves with more material objects than the other signs. This means that their garden is going to be top-notch and filled with beautiful greenery and flowers. This beautiful backyard features a stunning outdoor barbecue and kitchen with plenty of luxurious plants surrounding the area. There is plenty of space to enjoy lovely meals outdoors in a rich and spacious environment with all the best accessories.

Gemini—adaptable and fun.

Gemini are the people of the group that have a true dual personality. Gemini are curious and very adaptable to many situations; they can be fun and sociable on the one hand or can be very serious on the other. This modern style garden it perfect for the Gemini zodiac. It is very versatile and fun, which is exactly what this zodiac needs to enjoy a day. There is a covered sitting area, for very hot and sunny days, as well as a wooden deck area with lounge chairs in front of a long pool. This space has something for every mood a Gemini could be feeling.

Cancer—loves being near water.

Cancer is the artsy and fun-loving zodiac that absolutely adores relaxing in or near the water. This means that their garden must have a pool in order to get the maximum amount of fun and relaxation possible. This incredible garden has a fun, tropical vibe with palm trees,wicker lounges that resemble solid hammocks and of course a beautiful pool that twists and turns. This space also has very beautiful lighting to get the mood just right for having a good meal or chat with friends and family.

Leo—loves colors and having fun.

Leo is the lion that is always cheerful and absolutely loves bright colors. They are natural born leaders that always aim to get what they want, when they want it. They take initiative but also spend a lot of time hanging out with friends and family because they are very important. This colorful backyard is a great representation of Leo with bright yellow shutters and a crisp blue wall. The vibrant green grass is perfect to have a picnic or play around with your pets. Even the hammock adds a playful element to this space making it the best place to hang out.

Virgo—loves nature.

Virgo is the nature lover of the group but they also love to be organized. This means their garden will be abundant with plants and flowers, like the one we see here, but will be organized in a very methodical way. Perhaps they organize flowers by color, or have a separate area for an herb or vegetable garden, anyway they choose it will be filled with natural life. The decor surrounding the plants will also be quite natural, with real and rustic stones and wooden patio furniture, all to get the authentic feel of the great outdoors.

Libra—harmonious and outdoorsy.

Libras are known to be very peaceful and balanced people. They are fair in everything they do and are also very sociable. This is way the zen garden is great for this zodiac because it promotes harmony as well as an open space to share with friends and family. The sand garden is great for relaxation and also leaves a large space for entertaining, since Libras hate being alone. Libras love beautiful things and this garden is a great example of minimalism that has a ton of beauty to offer this harmonious being.

Scorpio—passionate and assertive.

Scorpios are intensely passionate about everything they pursue. They are extremely determined and decisive and will do anything until they get the truth from a situation. They want everything to be out in the open and aren't afraid to express their emotions. This Arabic style garden is exactly that a Scorpio wants. There is exotic lighting, beautiful stones, bold arches, and a dramatic tree placed right in the center of it all. This garden exudes passion and the water feature even adds that assertive character in a space that doesn't have many plants. This stunning garden is everything a Scorpio needs in an outdoor space.

Sagittarius—generous and free.

Those born under the Sagittarius zodiac are super generous and energetic. They adore traveling and being in the outdoors surrounded enthusiastic and exciting people. They truly value freedom and that is what they base their entire way of life on, being able to move freely around the world and explore new cultures and ways of life. Their garden will be an eclectic and beautiful mix of everything they love and have seen on their gravels. Exotic plants, antique pieces, out of the box decor, these are all represented in this beautiful backyard space we see here.

Capricorn—traditional and responsible.

Capricorn is the most serious of the zodiacs, representing everything that is traditional and disciplined in the world. They are the most responsible of the bunch and are very family-oriented. They know how to save money which allows them to enjoy life to the fullest when it comes to getting the things that they want. This extraordinary backyard is one of a Capricorn, who loves the traditional style homes with stone facades, a hot tub rather than a pool so that you can use it in any weather, and a large space to enjoy a meal with their families. 

Which zodiac sign are you? Check out which garden is best for your sign!

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