6 ways to incorporate plants for the home

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When decorating the home, sometimes incorporating plants into the decor becomes an afterthought. It doesn't seem to be an important design element because you figure you may end up killing it in the next couple of weeks anyway. However, greenery and indoor plants can add so much life to your home that furnishings, accessories and art cannot. The vivid shades of green softens hard corners while adding contrast and depth to a room.

Personally, the key to a fresh and colorful interior decor is to make the most of indoor plants. They instantly change the atmosphere and add that added oomph your space needs in order to stand out and feel lived in at the same time. It isn't all that difficult, too. Here are 6 ways to incorporate plants into your abode that don’t all involve the classical vases and pots.

Seek the unique

Going thrift shopping for interesting pots and other interesting plant holders is an adventure in itself! Check out Dapitan, where you can find a variety of ceramics as well as antique doodads that can fit everything from a small succulent to a big fern. Look for one-of-a-kind pieces, like these cute ceramic pots from Pompilio Plants. Don't be shy and haggle it down to the lowest price possible and revel in the satisfaction of finding a beautiful piece to compliment your plant at a bargain!

The welcome committee

Metal Garden Troughs - MiaFleur homify Garden Plant pots & vases

Metal Garden Troughs—MiaFleur


A beautiful bouquet of flowers or an arrangement of giant green leaves by the entryway invites feelings of relaxation and calm. Keep a planter of marigolds, philodendrons, or even aloe vera near the door and let them be the cheery committee to welcome guests that stop by for a visit. These plants do not need too much sunlight and need only be watered two to three times a week, so they're also pretty low maintainance.

A mini greenhouse

Large Glasshouse Terrarium ELLA JAMES Garden Accessories & decoration

Large Glasshouse Terrarium


Clear up some extra space in your kitchen to make room for a fragrant display of culinary herbs! Start simple with a small pot of basil and mint, then slowly add the rosemary, thyme, and oregano, until you have a gorgeous collection that's also quite functional. You can also grow vegetables by the window that don't necessarily like to be outside and prefer the cooler indoor tempreture, like lettuce and arugula.

Go bold with gold

The Modern Garden Edit homify Garden Accessories & decoration

The Modern Garden Edit


Gold and green make such a striking combination and lends a luxurious look to any space. Buy shiny gold pots online or make them yourself with a plastic pot, gold spray, and a bit of elbow grease, and fill them with big, leafy plants like pothos, diffenbachia, ficus, and snake plants.

Make a statement

If you have a big space to fill and want to make a statement, do it with a lush, beautiful, plant. A fiddle-leaf fig tree is perfect for this, and it's large, dark-green leaves will always move upward, spreading it's canopy until it arches over the room. It would be best to think ahead and plant it in a pot that would accommodate the big root ball if that is your intention. 

Go vertical

Vertical gardening is all the rage right now, with buildings going green and people taking more notice of the environment. A brilliant way to decorate a space, in this case, the vertical garden has taken the place of artwork, making the lush green the focal point of the space. Vertical garden installations can be quite pricey, but keep in mind that not only are you paying for the individual plants, but the irrigation system that goes into maintaining these big frames, too.

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