17 easy and affordable covering ideas that will make your wall look beautiful!

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You have masses of wall space in your home, so why aren't you making more of it? Plaster and neutral paint do have their uses, but when you want to make a bigger style statement, we think you need to consider some of the more unusual and eye-catching materials that progressive interior designers have started to use! If you are coming up short in terms of cool ideas, don't panic, as we have some amazing ones to show you right here! We've included materials for every room and even the facade of your home too, so if your walls could use a little extra something, let's take a look and choose a gorgeous and lasting finish! We do have 17 of them! Join us now for 17 easy and affordable covering ideas that will make your wall look beautiful!

1. Rustic Stone.

For some extra oomph inside your home, chunky rustic stone walls are hard to beat! You can even build them up against an existing wall, if you have the space to spare!

2. Vincenza stone.

Perfect for making an impact on your facade, Vincenza stone is a striated effect wall covering that really comes to life with some lighting!

3. Amazing marble.

Never out of style and always contemporary, marble wall tiles are an easy and effective way to inject some luxury into your home. We really think they make a formal dining room look incredible!

4. Natural brick.

Before you apply plaster to new walls, step back and see if the bricks look good and create a warm ambiance! We think they look amazing!

(Faux bricks work too!)

If you want the look of exposed bricks but already have plaster on your wall, you can apply a fresh screed and imprint brick effects into it! Clever!

5. Melamine.

Modern bathrooms look amazing with glossy melamine walls that simply gleam and look fresh

6. Stone mosaics.

There aren't many wall finishes that look so at home with a fireplace than stone mosaics! You can clad an existing wall with thin stone slices and still get the look!

7. Carved wood.

Wooden walls are really hot right now, but mix things up by having carved panels that add a new dimension of style!

(Or colored wood)

Painted wood paneling makes for a fantastic heritage look on your walls too!

8. Mother of pearl.

It's a little different, but fabulously opulent to use mother of pearl wall tiles! The shimmer is incredible and can make a smaller room look much bigger.

9. Mirrored madness.

Wow! How's this for an amazing facade? Mirrored panels make the house almost disappear!

10. 3D delights.

3D printing has really opened up new possibilities in terms of wall decor! These copper-toned coverings would be incredible over a whole wall!

11. Expressive tiles.

Naturally marbled, these granite tiles make a good job of overshadowing even the incredible view out of the window!

(Geometric tiles too!)

If you like your tiles a little more funky, how about some geometric ones?

12. Bright colors.

Perfectly smooth walls finished with a dazzlingly bright color will always make a huge impact on interior spaces. How bright do you dare go?

13. Lovely lime render.

Make more of a traditional home by using a lime render finish! The textured look is gorgeous and looks even better when lit at night!

14. Industrial steel.

Corrugated steel is making such a splash in design circles and for a truly unique home exterior, you can't get a better material!

15. OSB.

Warm, industrial and super cool, OSB (Oriented Strand Board) makes any space look a lot more intriguing and fun! It would be great for a kid's room!

16. Polished concrete.

Such a popular choice for interior walls right now, polished concrete will look modern and bold for years to come.

17. Textured concrete.

Tamped concrete is a fascinating material, with wood grain and finishing marks left in it. What a way to add a new dimension to exterior walls!

For more wall inspiration, take a look at this article: 10 modern ideas to clad your kitchen walls.

Which of these wall ideas would you like to try out?

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