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We are living in a Renaissance of fantastic minimalist home designs, and today's home tour features just one of the many great projects to come out from the Alts Design team out of Shiga. 

The house has been designed in the spirit of balance, utilizing natural surroundings to create a home in which the outside is completely discernible from the inside. Natural materials of course abound: woods, stones, right down to the organically made couch cushions. 

Let's have a look!

The facade.

The front facade is a bright gray and white veneer and it is an example of modern minimalism. The gray cement walls that wrap around the form are a nice contrast to the white second floor which is covered in painted wood planks of a vertical pattern. 

A neat little bordered driveway in white cement alights the way inside and the un-landscaped patch to the left has so much potential for greenery. 

Outdoor space.

The indoor space is not lacking in light, in fact, this outdoor corridor is one of the primary sources via which light comes into the house. We can see the wonderful union between cement, stone, glass and wood in this example. 

Outside in.

From this angle, we can see the outdoor corridor which is set high against a gray cement wall, so there is plenty of privacy. 

The sliding glass doors are framed with a gorgeous honey-polished hardwood that almost catches and reflects the sunlight as much as the light gray outer wall—the outside has been brought inside.


Definitely the most impressive portion of this house is the wrap-around courtyard that doubles as a covered front porch. Sunlight streams in through the glass, greenhouse ceiling at the side of the house, where the courtyard flanks the inside living and dining areas, partitioned only by large sliding doors. 

The courtyard itself has a small stone garden which is vibrant with some greenery amidst granite slabs. Overall, the area is cheerful and completely unconventional in architectural terms.


Again, pure white dominates the kitchen, but this time, with a stainless steel sink and fridge instead of wood. The sink itself is enormous, and it is the focal point. 

There's little to not love about the walk-in pantry with shelves upon shelves—waiting to be filled with culinary delights--and white, energy-efficient lighting. This design is like a blank canvas, ready for anyone who moves in. 

Delightful wood.

As we can see, the architects have used wood predominantly for the indoors which has created a very warm atmosphere throughout. 

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