The unbelievable lightness of being (in this home)

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ALTS DESIGN OFFICE Eclectic style corridor, hallway & stairs
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The ultimate goal when it comes to having a home is warmth, safety, relaxation and peace. And boy, does this home have it all. Dubbed the Kofunaki House by the architects ALTS DESIGN OFFICE who are responsible for it's completion, it is a modestly sized home, but one that is full of style and grace. 

Featuring tons of pale wood, concrete and white plaster, this home focuses on serenity, quietness and encourages a gentle way of being. It takes ideas that are common in Japanese architecture and combines them with modern comfort. It's an absolutely stunning design, so let's take a closer look at the fusion between the two worlds.  

The essence of design.

The ground floor is sparsely decorated, but doesn't feel too severe or somber. The concrete floor is broken up by several stone gardens and the furniture and cabinets are all made from pale wood, placed on a flawlessly white background. 

Every design element has been paired back to it's essence and presented purely and genuinely—chairs are simple there to sit on, not to fuss over. The stairs are what they are, nothing more, nothing less. 

Concrete, wood and stone.

Looking down from the mezzanine level, it is easy to see how well the shapes and materials work together. As is common in Japanese architecture, wood, concrete and stone are used together, and are used in their pure state. The concrete is left as it is, the wood: unpainted and not decorated, and the stone simply laid down into the garden spaces. 

We love how the plants have been set into the wooden cabinet, not just placed on top. Everything is integrated.

A room with fluidity.

This airy bedroom space is as versatile as it is peaceful. There are no bold colors here, just white walls, white curtains, natural wood and a few green plants. With a futon on the floor, this would be a dream room for any minimalist! 

Elementary yet elegant.

And the bathroom: a showcase of the essentials. Covered in pale grey tiles, and painted in white, this is another room that is all about ease and harmony. The vanity is elementary—a simple rectangular design with long legs and one single tap sitting next to the washbasin. The mirror is unadorned, as is the light fittings. 

Focusing on foliage.

Even during the night, this home seems light and airy. The long flowing net curtains help create the dream-like feel and work with the pale wood throughout the home. It's thanks to this soft palette of colors that make the green stand out so much, and place the focus of nature, even while indoors. 

To learn more about which plants are best to use indoors, then take a look at this guide

Peace and harmony.

Where ever it has been possible, wood has been used—as the railing of the staircase, as the doors, the stairs, the landing, underneath the top floor. Abrasive materials or colors don't get a look in, and that is what makes this home such a relief from the harsh, urban world outside. The Kofunaki House is a true retreat away from it all, and one where we would love to sign up to. 

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