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An apartment with no future, gets a stunning make-over

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Classic style bedroom by Francesca Greco - HOME|Philosophy Classic
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We love showing you projects which have undergone some stunning transformations and what you are about to see is how an entire apartment goes from worse-for-ware to totally unrecognizable. Of course, everything comes with significant interventions and the home stager has certainly left their mark on this place. Oftentimes, it is hard to let go of furniture with a sentimental value, but it is sometimes necessary to achieve a brand new look with a breath of fresh air. This project is by Francesca Greco, a home stager known to our Milanese readers for innovative ideas. She has done wonders for this apartment and we can't wait to show you!  

Before: bedroom.

Before the arrival of the expert, the house certainly did not have a neat appearance. 

Here we are in the bedroom, a semi abandoned room decorated with old items which are now out of fashion. The double bed consisted of two beds placed side by side and a mattress on each one. On either side, two wooden bedside tables and the antique arm chair didn't do any favors for this room at all. 

After: bedroom.

As we can see, not much has changed if you look at the substance of the elements, yet the effect is completely different. The existing furnishings have been re-used to create a brand new effect. The decor is now more romantic and delicate and the base of flowers on the bedside table along with numerous multi-colored cushions have made all the difference! 

The real magic lies in having been able to capture the spirit of the house, its soul, its past and all its essence, without losing sight of any of these parameters, and without trying to change them in any way. Now, you have the feeling of being in an already lived-in home, full of memories… but just a little 'happier!

Before: living room.

This is the living room before the operation of our home-stager. The furniture seemed to be there waiting for a permanent home. The couches were placed side by side without any space logic.  

After: living room.

Now we see a more rational and elegant room. In this case, we can see that it is more or less the same furnishing and accessories, yet they look so different. The living room now makes more sense with this arrangement, and with a few simple touches, you can see the final result looks astonishing. 

Before: spare room.

This spare room was not living to its full potential. Dull and lackluster in every respect, you just simply wouldn't know what to use this room for at all. 

After: spare room.

Now, however, it has the air of a guest room, or locker room, or even a room for reading and relaxation… in short, a higher order has enabled it to acquire even greater dignity!

Before: second guestroom.

Same fate for this bedroom, an environment that is evidently small and tight. It is closer to being a storage room than a guest room.

After: second guestroom.

After a few tweaks, it finally received the attention it deserved. The whole room is functional and character-filled, with plenty of room for sleeping, reading and relaxing. 

Before: kitchen.

The kitchen is certainly not going to get an award for modernity and sophistication, however, it is not old or terrible but it certainly needs a whole lot of freshness and vibrancy. 

After: kitchen.

With just a little 'more order and a little' more than organization, the kitchen feels warm and welcoming. it is not so dull anymore and with some fresh paint and a few decorative touches, it is certainly shining!

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Can you believe that so much was achieved here with hardly any new furniture or decoration?
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