The top 10 home decor mistakes we learned to avoid in 2016

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So we have reached that time of the year, December… We ponder on the things we achieved and the things we look forward to in 2017. With that in mind, we here at homify would like to present you with TOP 10 articles that reflect what we have seen all year. Today, we bring back your favorite articles on home decor mistakes. If you missed them, here is your chance to read them, and if yours made it in our top 10 countdown, here is another chance to revisit them. Shall we? 

10.) 6 common decor mistakes you should always avoid.

We're not pointing the finger as we think we've all made at least one of these mistakes, but if we can help you not make them again, we will! Looking at before and after pictures, where interior designers have rectified decorating errors, we've picked out six of the most common that affect every room, from your kitchen to your bedroom, so take a look and prepare to get everything right during your next revamp!

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9.) Stay Away from these 5 Common Interior Design Mistakes.

Designing and decorating a home is a very subjective adventure, which primarily depends on your taste, budget and eye for detail. Not everyone desires to go for the same theme, color palette or style for their interiors. So when it comes to picking colors, textures, or patterns, different individuals opt for different combinations according to their aesthetic inclination. But there are a few aspects of home decor which should ideally be followed, no matter what you have in mind. 
Here we will discuss five very common mistakes that can mar the beauty of your abode, irrespective of how much money you have invested in the decoration. Keep these blunders at bay, and gift yourself a pretty home on a modest budget!

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8.) 14 fatal mistakes: painting walls.

DIY dreamer? Fancy yourself a dab hand with paint and brush? Be that as it may, no matter how keen your eye for interior design and decoration might be, everything can go horribly wrong when it comes to applying a lick of paint to your pet project. Over-leaping ambition, aesthetic excess, mismatched colors and textures, simple bad technique and – perhaps the most crucial error – bad planning, can all lead to a paint job best described as a cosmetic crash-and-burn. 

homify presents fourteen fatal interior house-painting mistakes, so you know what not to do when you start putting on the primer, fourteen reasons to stop and think twice before slapping on the topcoat.

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7. ) 7 Common design mistakes for small bathrooms.

Designing a stylish and functional space is difficult to begin with. Pair this task with a small square footage and things get a bit tricky. Small bathrooms are an all too common occurrence in many homes and can be hard to design in an elegant and practical way. 

It's very easy to make a mistake while designing a small bathroom because you need to have the essentials, a toilet, a shower or bathtub, and a sink. With just a bit of creative thinking these common design mistakes can be transformed into a gorgeous and functional bathroom, no matter how small the space is.

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6.) 7 lighting mistakes you're probably making.

We promise that we aren't pointing fingers here, but when it comes to lighting, there are a few common mistakes that we all seem to be making that with a few quick installations could be avoided! We have to thank all the amazing interior designers out there that have brought these faux pas to our attention, as without them, we would all be left stumbling about in the dark! Take a look at what we think are the top seven most common lighting errors and see how many you are making, then decide which to tackle first! We promise that none of these are hard to fix and they'll all make great weekend DIY projects for these colder winter months!

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5.) 13 design mistakes you need to stop making.

Woonhuis Bergen , By Lenny By Lenny Living room

If you love to decorate and want to avoid making some mistakes, then this is definitely the article for you. Decorating your house or apartment can be a daunting job and whilst some people prefer to employ interior designers and decorators, others give it a try themselves. But how do you know which design traps to avoid? 

Fortunately for you, we have a few here which we are more than happy to share. Feel free to respond to our ideas in the comments section afterwards!

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4.) 7 common mistakes in cramped homes – and how to solve them!


Making a home with little space livable is a challenge. You have to work with what you've got, and in doing so you've got to nail the design of each room in order to introduce a sense of roominess and comfort. Needless to say, this is much easier said than done. Common difficulties include optimizing the organisation of your furniture, finding the right lighting solution and a color scheme to enhance the atmosphere in what could otherwise be a claustrophobic domestic environment.
Whether your problem room is a bathroom, kitchen, living room or study, we've dug out seven photos of seven unfortunate rooms that embody a handful of the most common mistakes that make houses with smaller footprints come across as cramped and uncomfortable. And this doesn't have to be the case. With a little thought, and in some cases the expert help of home interior professionals, the tiniest home can blossom.  Warning – design disasters (but suggested solutions, too).

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3.) 6 mistakes to avoid in home decor.

When we are decorating and designing our home, there is a certain excitement which may tempt us into going slightly overboard. Accordingly, there are many measures that we can keep in mind so as to prevent ourselves from making these typical decor faux pas, so that our home doesn’t look impractical or unappealing. In such a case, it is important to be practical and keep the aesthetic sense alive at the same time. So take a look at these six mistakes and find out how you can avoid making them as you go about the satisfying task of doing up your space!

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2.) 10 decor mistakes you might be making (but could avoid).

Decorating a home isn't always an easy or stress-free task and sometimes, it might be nice to be warned about potential pitfalls. Well, we are here today to do exactly that! We've taken a look at what interior designers are doing and think that we've compiled a must-see list of decor errors that you can, now, avoid! Before you freshen up that living room or take your kitchen to task, make sure you've memorized these mistakes, so you don't make them!

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1.) Decorating your house? Don't make these 7 mistakes!

Be it deciding on the wall palette, picking out a fabric for the upholstery or selecting the tiles for the bathroom, the job of an interior designer is a challenging one. Many times, clients come across picture perfect interiors in magazines & wish for a similar setting when their own place is being decorated.  But most of the time, the houses end up with interiors far from those found in the magazines. A possible reason behind this could be our tendency to easily get carried away by the latest trends & turn a blind eye to our creativity, requirement & practicality. And that is where professional experts come to our help.

Even though no rule book jots down how you should decorate your home, we here at homify are going to walk you through a list of 7 designing mistakes that are better avoided. 

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