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Lara Pujol | Interiorismo & Proyectos de diseño Mediterranean style bathrooms
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The typical European village has lanes lined with pretty homes, concealing terraces where one can spend the entire day. In fact, life here revolves around the use of these outdoor spaces that also spell privacy, especially in the summer months when the Sun is at its brightest! We invite you into this simple home with its stunning terrace so that you can truly appreciate the style magic woven by the team at Lara Pujol, the interior architects behind many a pretty project! Come and have a look to get inspired!

​Simple three-story structure.

This simple structure rises to the top with the help of its stucco inspired walls, the color a subdued rustic peach. As you are welcomed inside, the stone pathway creates an appealing look as does the solid wooden pair of double doors in their stone frame.

​Artistic rendition inside.

The indoors have a modern and artistic look where the curves and arches veer off in linear proportions to make quite an impact. The white shades change with the changing angle of the sun. While marble defines the window ledges, the black metal frames with glass sheets act as the doors.

​Neutral hues and earthy materials.

This potent combination of color and material makes for a soothing space that also grabs your attention. The textures on the cabinets of this slim kitchen and the sandy hues of the stairs leading you upstairs truly is the stuff of designer dreams.

Modern cave-like contours.

Once you go up the stairs, you will see arches finishing halfway to recreate a modern rendition of the caves you find in the countryside. The effect is an appealing and artsy one.

​Timeless textures in the bathroom.

The bathroom has raw textures that add a timeless and beautiful dimension to the space. The simple wall textures and the unpolished wooden bureau make for an unassuming statement as does the frameless mirror on the main wall.

​Cozy bedroom.

This bedroom is a cozy one with wood underfoot and beams overhead. The effect is a one that cocoons you in its cream hue and natural glow.

​Penthouse suite.

The sumptuous penthouse suite is one that has the natural woven beams gliding across the ceiling while sliding glass doors make for a layered look within. The sleek flooring adds to the luxurious look and feel of the space

​Stunning bathroom.

The bathroom of this suite is visible from the glass doors in the rustic yet well finished wooden frames. The patterned wall stands out in this soothing room, while the modern fixtures tempt you to enjoy a shower! Also on one side, you can see the terrace asking for your attention through the layers of glass walls.

​Pink terrace.

The pink hued structures surrounding the terrace give this space its much needed privacy. The shingles on the roof can be seen from this angle as wooden planks line the floor.

Need more ideas? Take another tour - This can be your family home for under $90 thousand.

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