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‘Tis the season to be cuddling up in front of a roasting fire, seeing as it’s freezing outside! And for that occasion we have a special little abode in mind: a quaint and cute holiday home nestled in a quiet suburban neighbourhood in Germany, complete with a snow-clad garden that enhances this house’s warm timber surface so much more – that’s right, it’s a wooden house we’re viewing today. 

But it’s not only us who are in love with this structure, courtesy of architectural experts Jenohr + Mezger, for it has won numerous awards, including Exemplary Building of the Supreme Bavarian Building Authority.

Let’s take a peek!

The timber construction

It would seem that wood is a primary building material when it comes to these specific professionals, not only for the visually pleasing results, but also for a host of other benefits. When implemented correctly, the construction of a timber home can take less time, as there's no need to wait for plaster to dry before adding other components of the building. A carpenter can already be finalising the building parts in a workshop while the floor is being installed, and also as the windows are being ordered, etc. 

Another advantage of working with wood is the fact that it's highly manoeuvrable and easy to assemble beforehand in a workshop. This means that in country with cold winters (such as Europe), favourable weather conditions don’t have to dictate construction times. 

Add to that the fact that wood is a renewable raw material that binds CO2, and you've got another strong ecological reason to use wood when building a house

And for you ‘green’ lovers out there: the architects note that trees are being planted at a greater rate than they are being cut down in Bavaria, meaning timber is in a rich supply.

A contemporary vision

The house takes on a very solid and modern form, like an intermingling of cubic volumes making up the different rooms, terraces, wall surfaces, etc. As many modern designs do, this home displays a flat roof with a seamless appearance that hides any indication of gutters. 

Thanks to the structure and the supreme use of honey-toned timber, as well as the large windows welcoming a strong connection to the exterior surfaces, the overall effect of this façade is a dominant sensation of warmth and charm.

The timber steps

The light wooden surfaces of the exterior façade are faultlessly mimicked on the inside by the staircase, leading up to the top floor where the more private rooms are located. 

The interior colour palette flaunts a neutral spectrum, showing an affinity for contrast between warm earthy tones and darker, bolder hues.

Seen from the side

Back to the outside, where we can see that one side of the house has absolutely no windows. 

This touch is included for both privacy and heat efficiency—homes that maximise natural heat from the sun often have windows on just one or two sides (south-facing, in most cases), keeping the other side(s) windowless in order to create a solid, sealed wall with good heat retention where less natural light is available.

The philosophy behind the build

The architects behind the project, being the pros that they are, divulge that they always balance a select set of considerations when designing a project. On one side, they consider physics and the structural components of architecture. On the other side, they also take into consideration both the aesthetics and the ethics of a building. 

The end result? A highly integrated design that's not only built for durability and strength, but for personal and ecological well-being as well. Many of Jenohr + Mezger’s projects include natural materials such as wood, clay, cellulose insulation, and lime plasters, and energy-efficient heating methods remain a primary focus for this team of architects.

No wonder their creations pick up so many awards, then! And when it comes to this particular structure, one can clearly see the ecological and aesthetic emphasis, which appears all the more welcoming and lively in the winter landscape thanks to the crisp white background and warm glowing lamps casting a charming illumination on the timber surfaces. 

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