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The kitchen is the heart of the home where nutrition and daily sustenance is generated. This is the space that should have the best elements in terms of design as well as function. The best part about designing a kitchen today is the number of designs, styles and layouts that you can play around with. With the urban and compact lifestyles that many of us have come to enjoy, an open kitchen seems like the most popular choice for its many benefits. Yet, like all good things, this also comes with its share of demerits. So let us consider the pros and cons of an open kitchen layout.

Accessibility : pros of an open kitchen.

The sheer accessibility factor is what makes the open kitchen an absolute delight for many modern day home owners. The fact that you are able to communicate with each other from any corner or side of the main hall is a boon indeed, as it gives the chef ample opportunity to be a part of the on goings, instead of slaving away in a closed space. This also makes for a quality family time and lots of enjoyment when you are entertaining people. This kitchen was designed by the architects at Atelier Tama

​Largesse : pros of an open kitchen.

The open kitchen is one that invariably gives you a feeling of largesse and scale even as it visually opens up spaces and plays on the strengths of the space. This kind of a layout also promotes free-flowing movement, which is another way of ensuring that you feel like you are moving around in a large space. Thanks to this factor, many compact home owners are busy installing open kitchens so as to stylishly maximize the available space.

​Forging connections : pros of an open kitchen.

In any family life, meals are the most important time of the day. It is the time when all the members of the family connect with each other and swap stories, or motivate each other to meet the oncoming challenges of the new day. With an open kitchen, one is actually able to participate even while prepping meals so that no one misses out on the fun. These are the memories that a person cherishes for the rest of his or her life.

​Convenience of handling and preparing meals : pros of an open kitchen.

When you have an open kitchen, you can easily pass things around and let people help you, even as they dine and do any other work at the dining table. This kind of an arrangement also helps other people participate in the meal preparation and makes the work flow smoother and easier.

​Soot issues : cons of an open kitchen

One of the most common grudges that many open kitchen owners hold is the fact that soot and grime comes to settle on nearly everything in and around the home, which makes it very difficult to wash off and maintain most of the tapestry, polish and fabric.

​Open clutter : cons of an open kitchen

An open kitchen also leaves the clutter open for scrutiny, which may not be the most ideal situation. So the work of the chef is actually doubled as he or she has to clear up the space at once.

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