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子育てをコンセプトにした住まい「育みの家」, JUST JUST Eclectic style dining room Wood effect
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Starting a family is a great responsibility but is also incredibly rewarding. Many people don't put a lot of effort into their first homes for a number of reasons, but mainly because they do not think they will live there that long. But that shouldn't be the case! Your first home should be something that you remember fondly and can be proud of when you look back a few years down the road. This doesn't mean you need to spend an arm and a leg to get the things you want, but it also doesn't mean that you should sacrifice on style just because you don't think you will stay there for very long.

This home in China is a great example of a perfect first home that is simple yet very stylish. The hardwood throughout the house gives the space warmth against the white walls as well as a beautiful natural element. The design of the home is a mix of modern and a bit eclectic, which is a great technique to use when you have kids in the home. Everything in the home features clean, sleek lines but the wood and the lighting soften those edges to create a family friendly home ready for kids to play in!

A simple exterior.

子育てをコンセプトにした住まい「育みの家」, JUST JUST Minimalist house White

From the outside this home looks fairly plain and simple but it still exudes a certain charm. The home is built with a classic shape, one you would find in the design of a gingerbread house, and reveals its little windows and entryway with a small awning. The front lawn also doesn't have much vegetation, except for a couple of small trees and a bit of grass between the concrete. This makes for a very easy maintenance plan and the small brick designs around the trees adds a bit of art and character to the overall curb appeal of the home. The white concrete finish leaves the home looking fresh and clean at all times and looks nice against the other homes.

The perfect sized backyard.

子育てをコンセプトにした住まい「育みの家」, JUST JUST Eclectic style garden Wood effect

Many people think that smaller homes can't have a nice backyard because there simply isn't enough room so why put in the time or effort. But this home has the most perfect sized outdoor area just behind the home and even creates more space with this small elevated deck. The driveway of the home comes straight into the back but it can also be used as entertaining space if needed by just parking the cars on the street. The green area is made of turf which is an easy to maintain material and looks bright against the white of the home. The small, elevated deck leads directly from the living room and is perfect to place a small table and a couple of chairs so that you can easily enjoy the outdoors whenever you want.

An eclectic living room.

子育てをコンセプトにした住まい「育みの家」, JUST JUST Living room Wood effect

Once we step inside the home we are instantly greeted with a warm and cozy atmosphere. The decor is very family oriented but still has a unique style. We can see a few pillows on the couch with different colored denim patches as well as a rustic and colorful art piece leaning against the wall. The hardwood flooring and wooden coffee table add a lot of warmth to the space while the industrial-like structural beams add a bit of character. There is plenty of lighting in this space which is great since there aren't many windows and it emits a warm, soft glow to the space making it even cozier.

A home office overlooking the living areas.

子育てをコンセプトにした住まい「育みの家」, JUST JUST Nursery/kid’s room Wood effect

A very nice feature of this home is the small home office that is just beside the living room and kitchen. It provides a space to do work for the adults as well as a nice little area for the kids to play in. The fact that it is open is great because it allows the parents to watch their children in the neighboring areas very easily without having to get up and see what's wrong. The same hardwood flooring is seen here and the table top for the desk is also made of wood. The desk itself is fairly simple with just a small shelf off the the side which is home to the printer but overall this home office is the perfect marriage of functionality and style.

A spacious kitchen.

子育てをコンセプトにした住まい「育みの家」, JUST JUST Kitchen White

Though this home may be on the smaller side, the designers of the home created a lovely kitchen that is quite large. There is no island but the entire countertop is basically an island and provides storage and workspace on all of its sides. The kitchen has all the amenities including a dishwasher and the architects even made us of the two structural beams  by adding shelves in between them. The kitchen opens up into the dining area which features a gorgeous wooden table that can easily seat eight to ten people. The entire space just feels very open and inviting and is perfect for making family dinners or even entertaining friends.

Did you just move to your first home? Take this opportunity to create a masterpiece!

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