9 tricks to make a small bathroom better

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Many home owners are challenged by the task of making a small bathroom look good. However, it’s a problem that can be solved easily with a few tricks and distinctive design. In this article, we show you 9 ideas, including some simple adjustments, which can transform a small bathroom to make it aesthetically appealing as well as functional.

1. Shower cabin

You can pick a sophisticated colour such as grey to bring a classy feel to the room. Using small fixtures in the bathroom helps to overcome the problem of space, and a shower cabin is an easy solution for this as you don’t require a large area to fit it in.

2. Reflective mirrors

By placing mirrors and reflective surfaces in the bathroom, you can give the area a spacious and comfortable feel, distracting from the small size of the room. Mirrors also help to bring in a modern and attractive look to the bath.

3. White

A colour that can add brightness to any space, white is a good choice for tricking the eyes into believing that the bathroom is larger than it is. It also brings a soothing vibe to the room, making you feel relaxed and comfortable. Pairing white with light-coloured towels helps to enhance the sense of airiness in the bathroom.

4. Small shelves

It’s preferable to use small or minimalist shelves in the bathroom to give it a distinctive look, besides helping it to retain a spacious feel. A shelf under the basin is a simple and practical solution that doesn’t cost much. It can be used to store towels, toiletries and other bathroom essentials.

5. A few design elements

You can use clever design to overcome the lack of space in your bathroom. All it takes is a few modern touches to make it attractive. A bright yellow shower curtain, wall-mounted shower panel, wooden shelves as well as corner shelves in the shower area bring in a distinctive style to this bathroom besides providing functionality.

6. Special accessories

Adding a personal touch to the bathroom with a few well-chosen accessories can give the room unique style that also brings in a comfortable ambiance. A gold framed oval mirror and a few ceramic accessories can add sophistication to even the smallest bathroom.

7. Hidden storage

Modern design relies on space-saving solutions to overcome the limitations of small areas. In a tiny bathroom, a cabinet hidden behind the mirror is a great way to exploit the available space for storing towels, toiletries and other bathing accessories to keep the room clutter-free. It also brings a sleek look to the bathroom.

8. Exploiting the walls

Maximize the space available in the room by adjusting the corners and building storage into the wall. A shower, basin and mirror can be accommodated over the corner of the tub. Niches in the wall present space for storing towels and bath accessories. This simple and elegant design manages to incorporate everything without making the bathroom feel cramped.

9. Angled corners

Wall mounted holders as well as angled shelves that fit neatly into the corners can be used to store soap and shampoo in the shower area or near the basin without taking up too much space in the tiny room.

For more ideas on designing bathroom storage see this ideabook.

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