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5 kitchen renovations that will leave your head full of ideas

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If you keep taking a look at your kitchen and think that it could do with a freshen up, we've found some renovation projects that will give you all the inspiration you need to really push yourself into making a start. We don't for a second believe that your space is as bad as any of the before pictures in this article, but even rooms that are merely a touch outdated can ruin the whole aesthetic of your home, so it's worth dealing with them! The kitchen planners that oversaw each of these projects had a clear image of what they wanted to accomplish and we think that timeless but contemporary motifs were high on the list of must-includes. The results really speak for themselves and we wouldn't be against having any of these styles in our home, so if you need a little kitchen inspiration to get you fired up for a new year revamp, read on!

1. Before: clutter city.

Urgh. This is the kitchen that nightmares are made of! No clear surfaces, terribly old fashioned cabinets, the worst curtains ever and a random dining table just all look a total mess here. Could you even use this room?

1. After: style and function.

It's hard to believe this is the same room, but it really is! Clear counters, modern cupboards and a much lighter color scheme have made this room feel almost double the size and with specialist storage, such as an integrated wine rack, it's perfect for the owners!

2. Before: so sad.

We see what the thinking was behind this kitchen, but it wasn't good! Blue handles have never been stylish and the overkill tiles really kill the vibe. Bleurgh!

2. After: so fresh!

What a difference a neutral color scheme and classic cupboards makes! The natural wood looks warm and timeless, while the open shelves look fabulously modern and function. A round of applause for this one please!

3. Before: the worst!

There is so much to hate about this room! The net curtains, awful table, dated chairs and totally unusable cabinets, which seem to be in the weirdest of places all combine to make this room a total disaster!

3. After: simply the best.

We are literally staggered that this is the same room! Bright white walls, undressed windows and the most delightful gloss white cabinets all make this room feel so light and fresh and the parquet flooring looks amazing! We didn't even see it before, as all the hideousness was really overshadowing what was the one good point!

4. Before: brown brings us down!

Can you ever have too much brown? If this kitchen is anything to go by, the answer is a resounding YES! Beige and brown is a tricky scheme to get right and tacky tiles certainly don't help here. Nor does that weird varnished floor! Awful!

4. After: everything will be clean and clear!

If there's one color that you can't EVER have too much of in a kitchen it's white! It keeps everything fresh and in this case, has made a room look far larger! A slimline black counter finishes the space off with a wonderful contrast and the hanging utensils look like art!

5. Before: a confusing mess.

We don't even know where to start with this awful kitchen. The pale yellow cabinets just look dirty, the weird room divide just feels oppressive and what is with that floor? The 70s wants that back right now! What a shambles!

5. After: open-plan perfection.

Isn't this space just a phenomenal breath of fresh air, compared to what was here before? Totally open and accessible, the all-white design looks beautiful and makes way for some accent tiles easily and by bringing brushed stainless steel appliances into play as well, there is a distinctly contemporary vibe. The television is a nice way to ensure everyone enjoys being in the same room too!

5. After: the other angle.

This kitchen looks so good it deserves a look from another angle! We love the over sized spotlights and gloss white floor. Literally every part of this space feels so bright and modern now! It's hard to believe it ever looked any other way!

For a little extra kitchen inspiration, take a look at this article: 6 things you absolutely can't forget about in your kitchen!

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