20 modern, simple and fabulous kitchens!

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When you have a functional space to furnish, you can make practicality your guiding force, which leads to a far simpler and more modern look. Of course aesthetics still needs to play a role, so we thought it might be fun to show you 20 amazing modern but simple and stylish kitchens that will demonstrate our point a little more succinctly! The kitchen planners in charge of all these projects were clearly keen to retain a high level of functionality, while still adding a little beautification and contemporary cool. It might sound like a tall order, but once you've seen the pictures, we think you'll have a far better grasp on what you can do to seriously upgrade your kitchen. Let's take a look!

1. Bold colors.

Black, red and white never fail to look amazing together and, regardless of era, unbelievably modern! This might be a small kitchen, but it has everything you need and we love the extra touch of adding bright utensils and appliances! A great breakfast bar design adds extra functionality.

2. Great space use.

The almost L-shape layout of this kitchen really works to keep the floor feeling free and open, while a white countertop adds in some modern chic and mosaics finish the look off with a real splash! The sleek cabinets are a winner too!

3. Warm wood.

If you thought wood could only look rustic, think again! With a chunky white countertop, modern appliances and a sweet kitchen island in place, this space is wonderfully contemporary, usable and simply stylish!

4. Blended eras.

It might seem strange, but adding some retro touches to a modern room can actually heighten the overall contemporary vibe! We adore the fantastic tiles and wood accents in this kitchen, especially when contrasted against the shaped extractor hood and marble counter! 

5. Bold cabinets.

You don't have to go neutral and pared back to encompass a modern look and fantastic function, as these 'in your face' dark cabinets show! Looking great with a chunky granite worktop, they really want you to notice them and the mix of drawers and cupboards is so practical!

6. Mosaic madness.

A modern material that many people love adding to their kitchens, mosaic tiles really add fun and character to an otherwise dull space. They offer a wonderful break between a white counter and dark cabinets too, while an open layout offers easy movement around the whole room.

7. Playing with light.

You might think a few of these cabinets have been hit by light here, but its actually a clever use of two tones of wood. With high level built-in storage on tap, this is a room that has been designed to look sleek, modern and unfussy.

8. Accented delicately.

A black counter on white cabinets will never look anything other than modern, but don't you just adore these little framed pictures that seem to brighten the space exponentially? Add a beautiful breakfast bar too and you have a real recipe for kitchen success!

9. Small and sweet.

You don't need a huge kitchen to make a big splash, style-wise, as this Shaker-style wooden number proves! Some glass-fronted cabinets help to make the room feel less overwhelmed by storage and a freestanding cooker means you won't struggle when it comes time to upgrade!

10. Unabashed opulence.

Glossy granite and deep mahogany. What a combination! For a modern kitchen with a high-end finish, this really is the dream combination and the U-shaped layout with a central island has maximized the floor space to perfection!

11. Bold choices.

This kitchen would have looked perfectly lovely in just black and granite, but add in some red accents and suddenly, the space feels much more fun and daring! We love that the length of the room has been used so well to add in a huge island and yet, it still looks simple and modest!

12. Lighting on point!

Modern kitchens always have the best lighting, with spotlights, under-cabinet bulbs and task lighting all included. This amazing space has made such great use of a corner and the uncluttered finish keeps everything contemporary.

13. Zingy and fresh.

Dark wood, gloss black and zingy lime creates such an eye-catching, modern kitchen here and by negating an island, the simple layout feels far bigger and usable. The stepped breakfast bar is a lovely touch too!

14. Sleek finishes.

By negating cupboard and drawer handles in favor of integrated ones, this kitchen will never date! It's always the hardware that seems to give away a kitchen's age, but this one is classic, cool and gorgeous. The integrated hob adds to the effect too.

15. Material mixes.

When natural materials combine, the effect is incredible. Here, we see opulent dark wood, luxurious granite and rustic brick all working together to create a shockingly modern feels and with brushed stainless steel appliances as well, the aesthetic is simply stunning!

16. Uncluttered and usable.

Clear spaces help to keep a kitchen looking as contemporary as possible and in here, the mix of black and pale wood looks wonderful! A single colored feature wall is all that's needed to perk the room up and the clever island, which hugs the wall, offers an easy and informal dining spot.

17. Who needs doors?

Open-fronted cabinets used to be more of a rustic finish, but combine them with dazzling white walls and gently veined marble countertops and suddenly, you have a contemporary kitchen that looks amazing. We love the addition of some natural wood floating shelves too!

18. Maximum counter space.

It would have been so easy to simply negate the extra leg of countertop here in favor of an island, but by making everything flow into one, the aesthetic is undeniably modern. The long, lean slices of red add to the look and even retro pendulum lights can't overshadow the fabulous contemporary feel!

19. Metallic touches.

Wow! This kitchen could have looked classic and pretty in its own right, but add in some metallic mosaic wall tiles and suddenly, this is a very modern space. Perfectly coordinating with the brushed steel appliances and island supports, the addition of metallic finishes really lifts this room!

20. Small but mighty.

Neutral wall and floor tiles are the perfect basis for a warm wooden kitchen with a little touch of modern elegance, in the form of black granite! A small but sweet dining station makes this as functional as it is pretty and with glass-fronted cabinets on the top, the room doesn't feel at all claustrophobic!

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