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14 Great ideas to create a tiny garden in limited space

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Everyone likes to have their own private space of greenery that is created and nurtured with love but usually restrained by lack of free space around their house. Most of us that have grown up with greenery and trees around us find it difficult to visualize trees in any other place except on the ground. But now innovative gardening techniques are making it easy to have a garden on the balcony, terrace and other such small spaces around the house that are just as lush and vibrant as grown on ground soil. 

Planters designed out of discarded crates, tin cans, baskets and small pot hangers can be arranged at any location either inside or outside the house to enhance the region. To make it easy for you we have brought together 14 designs of small gardens that can fit into small spaces. These uncomplicated ideas are budget friendly and easy to implement even by a person with limited experience in gardening. All one needs are essential materials like garden pots, stones, plants and shrubs to suit the space available and season.

1. Mini garden on the terrace

When you have open space like a terrace or balcony then it can be used to create a small garden like this with planters made of stone or cement fitted into the walls. Along with other small plants in colorful pots the terrace becomes a mini green zone when interlaid with small stones encircling the pots.

2. Clay pots on the wall

Empty walls on the narrow verandah can be a good surface to set up wooden boards like this with hangers. Now fit small clay or plastic flower pots on these hangers to grow small colorful seasonal flowers that will brighten up the facade of the house. These pots can be made charming when the base is hand-painted with colorful designs of your choice.

3. Tropical garden

Do not waste the narrow empty space between walls of the house and boundary wall by leaving it fallow. Instead get a professional gardener to create a small region of greenery with stone slabs, gravel, and shrubs with thick foliage that will provide shelter to small birds and animals while maintaining pleasant atmosphere around the house. 

4. Colorful leaves

The most charming part of a small flower patch is the color and enchantment they bring to their surroundings irrespective of the size of the region where they are placed. This flower bed is hardly half a meter wide and looks colorful and attractive with the combination of plants with leaves of different colors.

5. Rock garden

A green corner designed with great dedication combining plants with rocks. The plants are being sheltered by a vines that  grow on the side and are supported by wooden railings above the window. Use of pebbles, bricks and stones add to the charm of the small rock garden.

6. Garden with recycled wood

This garden  ideas shows how every individual's right to a personal garden can be met with recyclable materials that are easy to procure and inexpensive to set up. Wooden planks and palettes have been used to create these shelves that are arranged in rows to act as planters for colorful shrubs and flower varieties.  The services of a professional landscape designer can be engaged to set up an elegant waterfall like this amidst white gravel stones to recycle the water.

7. Minimalist garden

For lovers of cactus and succulents, we have a minimalist garden that brings top varieties of cacti decorated with desert stones and concrete to make a wonderful combination.

8. Small garden in the yard

Even if you have a small yard before your front door with little time to spare to set up a large garden then grow a shrub garden which requires minimum maintenance.  A garden like this decorated with large and small multicolored stones and different shrubs form the perfect yard garden.

9. Aromatic herb garden

A small balcony space with an old table is the perfect location for small and large vases with aromatic herbs and beautiful flowers. This lovely showpiece is easy to create and show.

10. Elegant wooded area

10. Lots of elegance in a small space! Grass, stones, a wooden panel are bathed by the spots of light.

11. For those who have an empty space in the house, this idea is ingenious and requires little maintenance. Note the small fountain!

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